debian Waiting for root file system

Last night I decided to prepare my new server for my hosting that I plan to change the machine… abe is complicated to explain 🙂 In general, I installed a Debian net Install, and I started hooking it up with the necessary software. when I finished I turned off the machine and removed the CD drive and sealed the box and remembered that I had not made a setting on the WEB server and called to do it anyway I have no work 🙂 I turn on and see that something is charging and we got to Waiting for root file system 😈 What happened to the hard drive or the IDE cable?. I brush again and on the second restart I remember that I am an idiot 🙄 first during the installation my DVD was a master, I was too lazy to change the jumper and my hard drive was merged, secondly, after I remove the DVD, the hard drive automatically becomes a master device and the old designations lose their power. That is, during my installation the hard drive was hdb * then because it is the only device it becomes hda * 🙂 when starting Grub there is a possibility for additional options with the button “is” едитнах правилния път на стартиране после с бутонаbсе буутват новите опции. Воала зареди ми линуксчето. Слдващото нещо трябва да се орпавят нещата в /etc/fstab за да може да монтира правилно дяловете и можеби най- важното нещо да се оправят буут опциите на GRUB-а в /boot/grub/menu.lst In general, things there are intuitive, it changes with the right path of the hard drive and it's 😉 in general, nothing who knows how complicated or otherwise it's not, but I'm dumb 😎 then I finally set the hard drive to be a prime master so that I don't have problems attaching new hard, that i will need another one for backup. In general, my advice is usually to boot your hard drive as a primary master for an IDE or to have a SATA number 1 to save yourself the headaches if you ever remove / put on extra divas 😉

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