Debian OpenOffice 3

Before 1-2 weeks I think it came out OpenOffice 3 🙂 and in the afternoon I had some time left to try something to try and how I remembered to put it to test 🙂 In general it was not in my storage and I used Debian Sid and I hoped that it would be available but not н I went to the site and I was offered a download package, but I'm not going to compile a Debian blah. A vague memory that I saw it in deb format, I chose to pull it out of the mirror 🙂 there I saw the blessed package archive with the word deb in it this is my robber 🙂 I took it off and immediately unzipped it. In the folder DEBS are the required installation packages dpkg -i *.deb there is no one by one to pin it 🙂 and in the same directory there is another folder with the name desktop-integration as in which there is a pact I tried to install it but it exploded and this package is responsible for creating icons in the work environment 🙂 😈 in general this problem if it occurs and you can avoid it by creating your own launcher that leads to /opt/openoffice.org3/program/soffice and you're done 🙂 I may have exploded because the old version was installed 2.4 tomorrow I will test it if if I remove it completely I can install the blissful package 🙂 not that it prevents me from clicking on my launcher 😉 If you don't like the new office package you can remove it with the command

apt-get remove ooobasis3.0-base ooobasis3.0-binfilter ooobasis3.0-calc ooobasis3.0-core01 ooobasis3.0-core02 ooobasis3.0-core03 ooobasis3.0-core04 ooobasis3.0-core05 ooobasis3.0-core06 ooobasis3.0-core07 ooobasis3.0-draw ooobasis3.0-en-us ooobasis3.0-en-us-base ooobasis3.0-en-us-binfilter ooobasis3.0-en-us-calc ooobasis3.0-en-us-draw ooobasis3.0-en-us-help ooobasis3.0-en-us-impress ooobasis3.0-en-us-math ooobasis3.0-en-us-res ooobasis3.0-en-us-writer ooobasis3.0-gnome-integration ooobasis3.0-graphicfilter ooobasis3.0-images ooobasis3.0-impress ooobasis3.0-javafilter ooobasis3.0-kde-integration ooobasis3.0-math ooobasis3.0-onlineupdate ooobasis3.0-ooofonts ooobasis3.0-ooolinguistic ooobasis3.0-pyuno ooobasis3.0-testtool ooobasis3.0-writer ooobasis3.0-xsltfilter openoffice.org3 openoffice.org3-base openoffice.org3-calc openoffice.org3-dict-en openoffice.org3-dict-es openoffice.org3-dict-fr openoffice.org3-draw openoffice.org3-en-us openoffice.org3-impress openoffice.org3-math openoffice.org3-writer

If you were able to install the desktop integration package

apt-get remove openoffice.org3.0-debian-menus

In general, I have pleasant impressions, the thinker loads faster than the old package, later I will look at the serious changes 🙂

ps Today I removed the old package and the new one is installed perfectly 🙂 the problem with desktop integration was due to the existence of the launch version

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