debian lenny

Finally after 2 year expectations appeared yesterday a new stable version is my favorite debianlenny :)It's a damn good news, considering napredne how slowly debian society, to distributions. Already etch - oldstable but lenny stable may change his opinion 🙂 On this machine has already been changed, and all is well. We are happy, I continue to be unstable stabyl these things, although it's true, I was lesicko Oldies 😉

In esmiralda week Pova phata beta BackTrack 4 primeneny pretty things. The most important is the distribution from slax to ubuntu. I can't decide whether this is the right step whether it is, but certainly the situation will improve to estuary support jpgsee and other. Undoubtedly, uben good step because not posla pure debian, but it is from another point of view, posla very stable distribution, which in recent years has become the most popular linux.

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