debian lenny

Finally after 2 year waiting yesterday the new stable version of my favorite appeared debian – lenny :)This is damn big news considering how slowly the Debian society is evolving from to distributions. It's already etch oldstable and lenny stable you can change your mirrors 🙂 On this machine they have already been changed and everything is fine. Congratulations, I will continue to be unstable that these stems viangi things were a little old to me 😉

Last week saw the first beta of BackTrack 4 a lot of things have changed. The main thing is the distribution from slax to ubuntu. I can't judge whether this is the right step but for sure things will improve from to upgrade maintenance upgrades and so on. I am not convinced that a good step only because it does not use a pure Debian, but from another point of view it uses an extremely stable distribution which in recent years has become the most popular Linux..

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