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It's been a while 3 I have an Asus EEE 1000H for days and I can't complain about it at all. For these 3 days I hit him hard on a test of distroci which will go well on the little one. In general, there are various Ubuntu havi where they are tricked about the EEE, but I didn't like something very much 😉 I'm sado / masochistic in this respect.. I tried various Slax and BackTrack but at the moment my wi-fi adapter does not support injection 😈 so I prefer something like that. After a short tour I found this tutorial Debian EEE 😉 It describes in great detail how to install Debian on your EEE PC. If you don't read it or you're a little quarrelsome with English, I'm generalizing to you 1-2 thin moments.

1. He takes you off this ~16MB image

2. With the dd command you mark it on a flash drive as big as you have dd swin option. The unpacking itself is done with

Linux – it is very important that your USB device is not mounted

dd if=debian-eeepc.img of=/dev/YOUR-USB-DEVICE

Pig <span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>X: is the letter of your device</span>

dd if=debian-eeepc.img od=X:

3. You start your EEE by telling it to read your flash drive first. The installer is known 😉 I. ;I chose an expert instal because of most options and especially that I had the opportunity to choose between the 3 options stable, testing & unstable 🙂 guess which one I chose 😎 During the installation the network hardware is absolutely familiar the network and wi-fi adapter go by default.

4. When the installation is complete, everything is fine, I have a ready working debut of EEE PC. but there is a need for a little tuning, for example, the function buttons do not work or do not show the correct speed stepping and battery storage options 😉 For this thing you have to either start everything by hand or 😉 use the violins eee-ubuntu-support which I reworked wekinko for our debut click I have removed some things from the scripts , such as costing a debian X., I also added the activation of the camera беше that it was turned off by default. There is still something to touch on them, but if I have time I will do it. I also don't know if the violin will work correctly with the other EEEs 😉

From here on out, you add the repositories for the option you have chosen and use your EEE PC with a song in your mouth..

ps It's good to install a lock-keys-applet to see what's going on with Caps Lock 😉


  1. Hello
    Congratulations for 1000h, I was equipped with this machine which really turns out to be without remarks. If I can, I want to ask this backtrack why it doesn't run on the internet , if i install it on the hard drive will they understand? I was impressed that the mandrive also doesn't drive it when LIFE starts, but when it is installed, things work out..
    I don't have any problems with Debiana at 1000 hash, but I want to test the programs in backtrack
    If someone answers me, I will be very grateful
    The freedom of Linux is pure fights where they rip your ass 🙂

    1. Well tank track is a slax based distro and wants kernel patches or drivers 😉 or if you use beta 4 is on ubuntu and wants array kernel-a personally me if you ask the most- ubuntu agrees well 9.04 with the kernel in question and you won't have any dirt 😉 and if you want to hack Wi-Fi you won't be able to with 1000N because its drivers don't allow free injections 😉

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