dd-wrt vs. tomato

Hello, for quite a long time, I would have written, I have some heavy 5 daily coupons 😆 and almost certainly had time to be in real condition, that, under the guise of important things 😈 But that's a topic for some next post 😉 Until poseima to discuss the topic open source firmware for routers (routers). Still several times I mentioned that 固件 my personal favorite, but first, in less than a week our baby boy started a fierce gat3way sekyuriti error in his software, that made me look more serious some other projects. In okretnost stopped at tomato that pass was recommended to me by my pritel Yuri Filipov.

The transition from one software to another was bezproblem connection directly from a portion of upgraid, there was no need for extra spins. After installation “tomato” I vpechatlil readable interface. As a rule, I always prefer something simple as dizaine not overloaded. Like beauty specified dd-wrt and tomato leads looks like Synadino from me – 2-3 colors, but for some it is a beautiful 😉 . The other thing I made a great impression is quite a few options – not enough of it about 40% from different Chirvinsky Xavi and so on which is dd-wrt. The ladies, however, due to the fact, works quite gently 😉 So that the defect can be and the effect. A pleasant surprise was, tomato that comes with the described ports for good p2p traffic and solved UPnP . Also does impressions, that tomato foot slightly in high speed data transmission in wireless communication, when LAN NEJM checked, because I don't have especially time, but I think still there is something of prooptimizer. Negative is the small range support unit unlike dd-wrt, tomato works pretty just right to consider the unit, I hope that in the future can change this fact 😉 Also minuse a fairly complex filter to limit the traffic (this is me and petrified, but some unenlightened will cycle). Another shortcoming is the lack of overclocking your router, although I read the spell in the console 😉 . As a rule, it is relatively synthesized and simplified relatively of the competition between the two software, personally, I am glad more tomato, but there are others like I, have undoubtedly been 😉

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