DD-WRT Linksys WRT54GS v7

Today I changed the firmware of a Linksys WRT54Gs v7 🙂 In general, the model is great, with one exception, the boot firmware must be rewritten. in ordinary flashing, rewrite only the specific area with firmware. If you do not realize what the danger is let me say so if you fuck the software that serves your router there is always a second who takes care of the basic booting processes and rescue is easy 😉 In this case I touched on what provided me protection ahahaha if the current flashes or something like that bye bye router or not at all 😉 If everything is married and there is no ultimate salvation, the router is opened and flashed with a jTag cable. Well, fortunately for me, I didn't have to go through hell 😉 I followed quite specifically instructions and dumb problem. My general advice is if you are buying from the GS series do not do it because 2 main reasons their romche is small and only fits the trimmed versions of dd-wrt not that it's a big loss but I'm a maniac and if you like them 20-30 kint for GL series choose your router revision 1-4 because they don't need to rewrite the boot. If you still have the WRT54GS version >4 better ask a friend who is not afraid to touch firmly and boldly on the router 😉 and be sure to carry a jTag cable that you do not know what can happen 😈

Now let me treat you to a fun piece from an even funnier movie “The New Guy



  1. Ти да не си фен на dd-wrt firmware-ите?
    Аз съм сложил такова на моя рутер (linksys GL54v1), но някакси не съм доволен. I think, че има какво още да се подобри.

    Едно tomato, например, ми се струва, че работи доста по-бързо и надеждно. Интерфейса е единственото нещо което ме спъва при негокрайно неясен е.

    1. оооо че как да несъм фен 😉 ами да съм четсне dd-wrt със сигурност е по неоптимизиран или по претрупан от “the tomato” но пък имаш доста повече възможност а за тия рутер много ме радват хардуерните модове дето могат да им се направят например добавяне на карт риидър и всяки други идиотщини полезни и безполезни. GUI-то за мен не е критерии но да на dd-wrt е доста по готино направен

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