dd-wrt dns host record

My internet is routed from a home router D-Link DIR-600 which I have installed DD-WRT . In general, not a bad router maintains a relatively good maximum stable operation and N wi-fi standard. Separately, DD-WRT software gives me a lot of freedom of settings and voodoo spells.

Behind it in my local network is the server on which my modest blog is hosted. In general, dramas are derived from fact, that when a request is sent to the dns, my public IP corresponds to which I have forwarded to the host of my blog and when the request from the internal network it is not necessary to address my public address. Решението на проблема се оказа повече от елементарен трябва да се направи запис в /etc/hosts файлът в които да се посочи domain-a и IP адреса. Това става посредством следните 2 команди

echo ' host.com' >> /etc/hosts
killall -HUP dnsmasq

You put them as a startup script in the administration -> commands part. Then restart your router or give a run to the command to run and you are ready the host you have described from your internal network will be visible with your local address.

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