My life as a programmer a cardinal change – I went to those who always liked fruit I – ready framework coding of projects, the reasons are clear why mine doesn't like them. But I was left with no choice, and I turned to friends with experience in the field and they referred me to CodeIgniter Basically, I went through what is said – I. Separate read pretty good views, so it didn't make sense to avoid the inevitable. Today I started to write with the platform and found 2 many unpleasant things

  1. Reportinga errors is directed only to the attachment and logs the platform does not spit out errors directly on same page – only a blank page appears, and you're wondering what happens. Insanely uncomfortable Even after manual nastroika in URphp.ini things left in favor of CI. The solution to the problem is with the addition of an external helper Err Helper – the man explained how TUI flies miracle. Once I put it all came into place.
  2. In the configuration file of the platform there is a variable in which the base_url described the main URL to complete the platform links redirekti and any other URL-s – overall this is a good idea but if saita is more than 1 domein 😀 what we do there are quite a few solutions to the problem. I probably with a series of if-ove will verify which comes before the domein query to the variable 🙂 sethna ,because he doesn't want to accept the real value of $ _ SERVER[PHP_SELF] again crazy decision

Besides these og my remarks like CI easily run srvrče even inexperienced pišligar in 9th grade will make it not as a Zend Framework wants to Separate hours 🙂 nastroiki is speed or at least that's what I read everywhere for now I'm going to work with him and we'll see if it will catch NEN hand in hand or will become a thing of the past 🙂


  1. And I like it, Maybe because my feeling is close to write over the php. There is also a large community, that's why ready solutions or tips for problems are easily. Is, in fact, it is a matter of taste, like everything else, You alone will decide 😉

    1. Give all agree about going to work me. Obŝonosta is great and there are a multitude of even the Bulgarian tutoriali which can make me happy. I found not only location on error messages and if I have enough time I might make my first contribution to this CI 🙂

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