Cisco CCNA Routing Protocols and Concepts

Last Sunday was my modular exam for my second semester of the Cisco Academy on Routing Protocols and Concepts. Generally, unlike the first semester this time I'm happy with the result of the exam I took out 98% that is to say by 50 question 49 true. The result is not so surprising because though the understanding of routing-a and protocols around it's part of my job, true, I haven't worked with dynamic routing protocols such as OSPF or EIGRP IS IS-but at least static routing tables themselves are clear and mtriki themselves in them. The result as I had noted in the previous final exam isn't defining for certification but it's kind of nad″hvane for the next semester. With greater confidence to approaches to the matter.

I hope to go quickly through the field to 3rd semester, It took somewhat longer little Ode old, because my band sometimes moves a little slow pace, но това си е риск които съм поел защото нивото в групите на академията не е еднакво. Не мога да очаквам от момчетата с по малко опит от мен да се справят със същата скорост с материята като мен.

Засега остава да се наслаждам на моя момент на малка слава (както каза една приятелка) 😀 все пак резултата не е от най ниските 😉

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