Cisco CCNA Routing Protocols and Concepts

Last Sunday was my modular exam for my second semester at Cisco Academy on Routing Protocols and Concepts. In general, unlike the first semester, this time I am satisfied with the result of the exam I took out 98% which means from 50 the question 49 true. The result is not so surprising because understanding the routing and the protocols around it is part of my job., True, I have not worked with dynamic routing protocols such as OSPF IS-IS or EIGRP, but at least the static routing and the tables themselves are clear to me as well as the metrics in them.. The result, as I noted in the previous final exam, is not decisive for the certification, but it is a kind of inspiration for the next semester.. To approach the matter with greater self-confidence.

I hope to get through the subject faster for the 3rd semester, that I've already taken a little ode to my liking, because my band sometimes moves at a slightly slower pace, but this is a risk I have taken because the level in the groups of the academy is not the same. I can't expect boys with less experience than me to deal with matter at the same rate as me..

For now, I have to enjoy my moment of little glory (as a friend said) 😀 however, the result is not the lowest 😉

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