Cisco CCNA Network Fundamentals

On Sunday it was modular exam (end of semester 1) for Cisco CCNA Network Fundamentals. Overall it was great reading and learning from September to now. Накрая всичко се нареди но както обикновено съм недоволен – the good thing is that I took a snap, it in itself doesn't mean anything, or at least not in Bulgaria, Despite, My certificate that I know all the fundamental truths about the networks according to Cisco. I'm dissatisfied, the result is low – 85%. I was hoping for at least 90% but a chance. It's not a failure 😆 . I'm somewhat satisfied already starts a real pleasant pursuits which only vaguely razčoplihme – rutingi protocols, etc.. Now all the dry theory which is going to stay in the past and starts the big fun with routers and switches.

It's a little strange this week for the first time since September I have to learn an entire free week after work will wonder what to do, or 😈

p. s Male Radiohead just kills me – crazy hot stuff. I've only heard good reviews about their latest album.

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