Cisco CCNA Network Fundamentals

Sunday was my module exam (end of semester 1) за Cisco CCNA Network Fundamentals. Overall, it has been a lot of reading and learning from September until now. In the end, everything went well, but as usual I am dissatisfied – the good thing is that I took the module, it in itself means nothing, or at least not in Bulgaria, although, that I will be issued a certificate that I know all the fundamental truths about networks according to Cisco. I am dissatisfied, that my score is low – 85%. I was hoping for at least 90% but a chance. However, it is not a failure 😆 . I am somewhat satisfied with the beginning of the really pleasant activities that we only briefly broke down – routing protocols and others. All the dry theory that has been taken will be a thing of the past and the big fun with routers and switches will begin..

It's a little strange to me this week for the first time since September I don't have a whole free week to study after work I will wonder what to do, or not 😈

p.s Male Radiohead just killed me – abnormally strong piece. I only heard good reviews for their latest album.

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