Change LAN to WAN WRT54GL

Today I once again returned a router from the other world – his WAN port had burned out and he was generally just throwing. Yes, but not because it was suitable for * WRT firmware, I flashed it and replaced the WAN port to be one of those for LAN, so the procedure itself is generally bean

Does not allow resetting of vlan0ports
nvram set manual_boot_nv=1

Maha port 4(0) from Lan ports
nvram set vlan0ports=”3 2 1 5*”

Port 4 becomes a WAN port
nvram set vlan1ports=”0 5″

Saves changes
nvram commit

Restarts the router

The procedure was tested on Tomato WRT and works 100%, it will be similar for Open WRT and DD-Wrt it has a straight graphical gui tool. In general, the procedure is standard for most routers as long as they support VLAN-and so that different ports can be inserted into different network segments.

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