How long are CentOS

Before I start with another random hate toward 50 with OS ’ found that inside the cave I mean, that daily have to administriram her and know her from the first person singular quite well. Today I took my time to iztestvam the new magical unheard and unseen distrubitiven feature upgrade (pseudo) 😀 . The first thing that amazed me is, that RedHat in their infinite wisdom have decided to cease support for the x 86 architecture 🙄 . I am fully aware that we are 2014 and server processors 32 bits long are missing instructions. Yes but what users do on a small VPS and – h64 paw more RAM, However you look at it if you thin virtual machine with 512MB-1 GB of RAM will fight for every megabaj out of it and I'm not going to waste 20-30% from her just to use on the big set of instructions. Prepsuvah as I instalil x 86 and CentOS pulled a h64. Immediately I saw a difference in ISO's – ~ 100MB at minimal 6.5. Prepsuvah one more time. I installed again as virtualkata decided to see how well the RedHat have done their job – I took/var and/usr individual 😈 LVM partitions . After the installation I've updated all the packages I installed apache and, php, bind and mysql – It was interesting if they s″rvisite. I opened as a good student guide of CentOS for the update and started diligently to follow him step by step. When I reached the moment to start the actual upgrade this sloppy excuse me, I have a critical problem 🙄 . Review the detailed output – Yo/usr can't be on a separate partition, I knew 😆, you won't be disappointed in Jim Whitehurst and company. In addition to “extreme” There were a lot of problem messages for unsigned packages, konfizi files which do not match, etc.. WTF I didn't even use 3rd all repositories from their mirrors pulled down I hadn't done any settings just a simple yum install. It was already clear so quite bluntly forsirah upgrade. They freeze back diligently as finally asks me the script and it's over for/usr shares. I was too lazy, I try to fiksna it, either way, it was only for scientific research purposes there's no product to server nadgraždam at the moment. I caught my virtualkata I have reinstalled this time everything I pushed it in 1 share. Also I took a lesson, no updates any extra s″rv″si, After the installation a direct upgrade. The final step came up again dialogue dosaniât who told me, I have a pretty High problems – invalid packets, konfizi and so on and so forth but can continue. I knew from the start they don't make them like you have things. They freeze over and waited for the – Oh what a miracle the upgrade completed successfully. And everything worked, or at least the boot loader and I tried to install additional packages, but his command halt zavisvaše – huh has still had to bug 💡 . After this the whole crowded I decided to install a clean Centos 7 see if it growls for LVM partition in/boot – 6.5 does not allow such Audacity. I started my ISO's and I was mildly shocked by the installer – It was extremely convenient not “tidy”, but in order to fully is beautiful. After some struggle I managed with the cherished goal and Yes to install gasket, You should put out/boot-and beyond-👿 a LVM This is extremely serious and not annoying, If for some reason you forget to increase the size of the boot partition by 200MB and some old cores what happens.

Basically, I didn't expect anything and I'm still disappointed in CentOS.

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