CCNA Exploration Chapter 2 Exam

Yesterday I took my first exam for the Cisco academy I attend. Due to the fact that I deleted my posts, there is no explanation, that I am starting such a school. And so I started the academy even the first one and the gathering was on my birthday- I took it as a lucky sign 😉 In general, the academy definitely makes me happy, because I'm learning a theory about many of the things I practice that has eluded me in one way or another, a separate end goal certificate for CCNA Exploration is extremely important to me and in itself is a big challenge for me. So the scheme is as follows, after each chapter we take, we have exams to check our knowledge. At the end of each semester and they are together 4 we will have exams again for the whole semester and at the end of the 4th semester we will take several exams preparing us for the last exam to certify us as Cisco experts. So, according to this scheme, yesterday I did the test for the second chapter – the first one because the first chapter is just an introduction. The exam was positive for me 89.1%. From maximum 46 points I scored 41 Ми I think decently but still hoped for more 90%. It's not who knows what the point is all the exams during the semester have I covered it with over 70% I think.

Here is some sunny music from a young man I know JaGWaR making gorgeous music.

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