Recently I read a pretty typical stuff for me not, This is the nice ones…. (This is from above 1 year)

This dying slowly…
who doesn't travel,
who does not read
and she doesn't listen to music,
which does not detect
fascination in yourself.

This dying slowly…
that destroys
your self-interest,
who refuses help,
not looking for variety.

This dying slowly…
that turns
the slave of habit,
passing every day
the same runners,
who does not risk
to dress in a different color
and not talking to strangers.

This dying slowly…
escapist passion
and the vortex of feelings,
that return cruise
and save the sad hearts.

This dying slowly…
that doesn't change my life,
When it is displeased with the work
or your love,
who does not risk security
for the unknown,
to pursue a dream,
that is not decided for once in my life
to escape from the wise tips.

Don't die slowly… Live today!

Risk today! Do it today!

Don't let you die slowly!

Don't forget to be happy!

The collapse is not a word,
the collapse was premlata,
in fear, something you lose,
in fear, that has nothing.
Decay not in time,
what to leave you,
in that goodbye you make,
the breakup is, …

A few days ago turned 25 years of Linux. Always when I read Letter from Linus in such a highly entertaining mood. I have no intention of explaining how important Linux and what role they play in our lives. More recently I started thinking what role they played in my life. Then came a host of questions

  • If there were no linux would be BSD or God forbid Windows admin ?
  • If I was going to be an admin at all
  • What was I going to work if I wasn't Admin – Programmer (good….)
  • What OS I would use
  • What technique do I use – phone computer – sure I would have another apple fan boy

For quite a while not to bother with codene and rarely I have to choose some izvrsenja in the cli that are not UTF8 incogniti. Today I need to quickly look at some files and as I opened it almost immediately, I was tempted to do a rm-rf a folder which contained, someone feeble-minded person with half a brain decided to write your comments in the Cyrillic alphabet. Fortunately, not super Admiralskaya forces decide this is a misunderstanding of nature 1 order in cli:

iconv -f cp1251 -t utf8 old_shitty_encoded_file -o new_good_encoded_file

I think the flags speak for themselves but let me review them fast:

  • -o outputfile
  • -t to-encoding
  • -t to-encoding

iconv has another very nice extra that can Te (where possible) as set-t ASCII//TRANSLIT but unfortunately does not work with Cyrillic 🙂

Today I had to let go one fsck on a large RAID array of ~6TB. In a hurry I don't fsck with the-C option to me shows progress, and after a modest of expectations 2 hours my tingling, I'm in the dark, which came to a check. A great trick for already running fsck to visualize the progress bar:

kill -10 $(pidof fsck.ext3)

Wait some time, I have about 2-3 min appears and the progress bar showed 49% (KEF) more 3 hours of waiting 🙁

Let us sumersille what we're doing, send a signal SIGUSR1 out of fsck to show progress bar. If we want to stop it for some reason 🙄 should send SIGUSR2 or

kill -12 $(pidof fsck.ext3)

Well this is not something super complicated or difficult just nifty trick 🙂