Lately I read a lot of things that are not typical for me, these are the pleasant ones…. (this is from before over 1 year)

This one is dying slowly…
who does not travel,
who does not read
and does not listen to music,
which does not detect
charm in itself.

This one is dying slowly…
which destroys
your selfishness,
who refuses help,
who is not looking for diversity.

This one is dying slowly…
which turns
in the slave of habit,
passing every day
on the same paths,
who does not risk
to dress in a different color
and does not talk to strangers.

This one is dying slowly…
who flees from passion
and the vortex of feelings,
which restore the sparkle in the eyes
and save sad hearts.

This one is dying slowly…
who does not change his life,
when he is dissatisfied with the work
or your love,
which does not risk security
for the unknown,
to pursue a dream,
who does not decide at least once in his life
to escape the wise counsels.

Don't die slowly… live today!

Take a risk today! Act today!

Don't let yourself die slowly!

Don't forget to be happy!

Separation is not in the words,
the separation is in the silent,
in fear, that you will lose something,
in fear, that you have nothing left.
Separation is not in time,
in which you go alone,
in which you say goodbye,
the separation is after that…

A few days ago they were over 25 years of Linux. Whenever I read the letter of Linus I fall into such a very fun mood. I have no intention of explaining how important Linux is and what role it plays in our lives. Rather, I wondered what role he had played in my life. Then many questions came up

  • If it weren't for linux, would I be BSD or, God forbid, a Windows administrator ?
  • Would I be an administrator at all
  • What would I do if I wasn't an administrator – programmer (he protected me….)
  • What OS would I use
  • What technique would I use – phone computer – I would probably be another apple fan boy

I haven't been coding for a long time and I rarely have to pick up any clivs that are not UTF8 encoded. Today I had to quickly review some files and when I opened it almost immediately I wanted to do rm -rf on the folder where they were contained, some stupid individual with half a brain cell has decided to write his comments in Cyrillic. Fortunately, not the super admiral forces solve this misunderstanding of nature with 1 row in cli:

iconv -f cp1251 -t utf8 old_shitty_encoded_file -o new_good_encoded_file

I think the flags themselves speak for themselves, but let's take a quick look at them:

  • -o outputfile
  • -t to-encoding
  • -t to-encoding

iconv has another very nice extra that can transliterate (where possible) by setting -t ASCII // TRANSLIT but unfortunately it does not work with Cyrillic 🙂

Today I had to run one fsck on a large RAID array ~ 6TB. In the speed I did not start fsck with the -C option to show me progress and after a modest wait from 2 hours I'm a little tired, that I am unaware of how far the inspection has come. A cool trick for an already launched fsck to visualize the progress bar is:

kill -10 $(pidof fsck.ext3)

You wait a while with me after about 2-3 min a progress bar appeared and showed 49% (kef) more 3 hours of waiting 🙁

Let's summarize what we do we send a signal SIGUSR1 which prompts the fsck to show the progress bar. If we want to stop it for some reason, we have to send it SIGUSR2 or

kill -12 $(pidof fsck.ext3)

Well this is not something super complicated or difficult just a cool trick 🙂