Black Sun Rising 2009

most- then he sees the end 🙂 after yesterday's so serene post finally comes something pleasing, but no baby 😉 comes a fairly amiable ev″nt which in all likelihood will be the catalyst of everything negative is brought in me. For what ev″nta what about beers and music tents, most- then test the new palatče from March's poor start heading and sitting netetsvano, and otherwise

For the second time, will organize the Black Sun Rising 20 ûni2009. The idea of this mini Festival of Gothic, EBM, Industrial, etc.. music is to collect the most people, making such parties during the year, in one place. (This is also true for the fans:))) So far we have confirmed participation vj Gorgon, vj Magistus, dj Gothprince, djFANatic, dj Psychoma, WILL(samoprotv″rdih you:)))) A broad agreement for live concert and gave Shemale Zero. Date of Festival defined according to, What is the Saturday nearest to Midsummer – the feast of all witches and sorcerers. I'm glad, B.S. after R. 2008, the reviews for the event were good. Thanks! And this year the venue will be the same meadow, located between the Bistriţa and Rail. For these, that never came, again will put the map for guidance (or ask friends, that have been). In the coming days coming soon flyer with a map and info. Zieg CHAOS!!!

I'm not generally a fan of all the music but they are important to me 2 things – relaksana first the second weekend and an interesting eksperiemnt with myself 😉 would otherwise be somehow preubedeno to say it would be bad. 😎 If some interested here's the linkčeta with info and a map for the event




  1. Cool:) Въпреки, че чакам разни други фестивалчета. Ама в крайна сметка да се разкараш на палатка за ден-два ‘се е ‘убаво:P

  2. аз изпозлвам всеки един момен да забегна на някаде възможно повече релакс убаво а ако може и да съм с палатката 3 по убаво 😀 😛

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