best route way

i think i finally found the best way to route in my favorite debian, but in general it can be used everywhere else with small corrections 😉 I mentioned before that I have problems with routing and ipmasq but I had solved them through a script where I restarted the daemons 🙂 but last day I came across the article of a boy who described the routing as added the following lines below your adapter

up ip route add via
up ip route add via

Overall, this saves me restoring services and adapters when lifting ipmasq :)the syntax is obvious enough not to comment on it 😉 😎

ps 3 дни повръщах кръв с тия х64 шитс 😡 положението е адски плаченов повечето апликации ги няма в х64 варианти и като ги подкараш с 100 enemas bug to tremble, for now, the x64 platform, except for servers, is absolutely pointless for the home user

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