backtrack reflections

You know that I like to play with the dark side of things 😀 My favorite tool in these flirtations has almost always been backtrack or at least part of it. In their latest version, the boys migrated to mutate Ubuntu which they have tried to mutate well enough. I wandered around the forum to kill some time to read some big nonsense from the acres in the forum and once again came across a request for Gnome support in Backtrak. Super Gnome is also my favorite decanter environment, Honestly, I've tried almost everything possible for something, I'm sorry, but only Gnome gives me enough internal comfort at work, and KDE, neither LXDE nor their various boxes there, only to some extent does the E17 make me happy. Soooo I deviated a lot from the idea. So the guys developers strained and made the menu with the actors birth certificate not visible if you manage to install your gnome. From here, all Ubuntu premature babies howled so viciously and pitifully, that I can even hear them muttering, sobbing and crying. Is it so hard to install Ubuntu and then upload it? 5-6 tulchek which eventually use and it does not, that they use them just for fun and to enjoy themselves, that they have an actor tools hem to rinse eyes in Gnome. But they should have a backtrack, otherwise how, every self-respecting actor should use this distro because it is full of useful and useless tools where they do not think to install them themselves 😀 Enough that I can still pour pour and still not enough time for dumb users to hear me.

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