Asus EEE 1000H

Finaly again in the world of mobile 🙂 and only in ultra mobile. I bought this a little too much jewelry Asus EEE 1000H with Linux Xsandros My EEE is a 160GB HDD 🙂 which is the optimal option for these machines at the moment. At first I thought that 10″ inch displays (254mm) it will be too small for me or something, after about 40 I know him, that there are no problems, will satisfy my needs completely. First impressions are more than good with 14% He spent about 40 minutes on the battery, which he will do roughly 5 hours of battery life достатъчно absolutely enough with similar parameters of battery life can only be praised by Apple machines. The compact weight of 1.45 kg provides comfort of carrying and use unlike before 2 days I sat on a 17″ who gave me the trouble to lift it 😉 My impressions of the Xsandros are extremely deplorable, first it comes with some tricky KDE that is so modified that it looks like a pig. Secondly, I did not see the console, third and most striking I saw a section with antivirus 😆 is already a movie, for which my antivirus is on linux. True, there are some tricks called lin viruses, but they are so far from the truth 🙂 I'm waiting for him to load like people and put something like that on him, I have not yet decided what it will be but there are enough specially adapted distros for the EEE, almost all known 😉 The nicest thing is that 1000H supports MAC OS X with a few screws it can be installed almost 100% working hackintosh. At the moment, only the lacarta does not work, but I expect to put it on soon. Windows I think this animal does not see, there is no need for such meetings 😉 it is no coincidence that I took it with a Linux version, I will not pour money into its micro-soft ones 😉 Separately, the fact that with Windows XP such a netbook is about a hundred levs more 🙂 its attachment is without problems even if you do not have an external CD / DVD reader with only one flash drive it is not a problem to install anything. So I thought to proceed and for the moment to drive without an external optical drive. For now, this is what I can write about the little one, with more experience I will share interesting things about it.

ps If you are hesitant whether to buy such a thing, it is not worth the hesitation, it is worth every lev 😉


  1. Asus Eee is not only portable, it is also one of the most affordable netbooks you can buy. Asus is also a good brand which means quality and reliabilty.

    1. Yeap is very very small and light. But make work of real laptop, for example movies or music entertainment, internet communication with friends or just ordinary browsing and little bit of gaming because VGA is very weak. and last but not least 5h work on battery it’s great 🙂

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