Android optimization

Today I have more free time, because Whoa droidčeto I did my 2 a lot of interesting improvements. Basically, the result was 3 fast loading system and around 50% acceleration of aplikaciite. The version used is 2.2.2. Така какво направих

  1. Odexing – So what is the deodex odex and is a topic that I do not intend to examine now and who does what but a slight clarification shit deodex hashes check amounts and klasčeta that facilitate moving from one aplikaciite to another sistemka and improve the life of a programmer, да ама и забавят нашата системка защото когато се стартира апликацията прави кила провери и чекове. So long as the lyrics first I removed this is a deodex veter-clutter with the following script. Run with root privileges on your phone, He will do whatever it takes. Diff packaged packaged and miscellaneous. Be aware that you may lose some information contacts and stuff them back up in advance!
  2. JIT enabling just-in-time compilation This is another that is well bessing to appear. As is well known-java is not the fastest platforms of planenata and many other programming languages. So some smart heads thought it was a reasonable idea, instead of every time you recompile the application and then run better to compile once and then to keep the copy code byte. So avoid the need for cross-compilation accelerate launch and reducing the resources necessary. This turns out to be interensna task for nothing else because the file was in read only directory on the phone 😀 that this is not a problem of The JIT 😉 razrešvane going by adding the following line in the file /system/build.prop dalvik.vm.execution-mode=int:jit How would it otovorite and editnite is none of your business whether your ssh or through the adb is a matter of discretion to be able to editnete it is necessary to run the following commands on the phone
mount -o remount,rw -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock2 /system

#mtdblock2 е дяла където е маунтнат system може да видите верния за вас номер с df

echo "dalvik.vm.execution-mode=int:jit" >> /system/build.prop

#може просто да си ъплоуднете файла аз направо на ръка го оправих

mount -o remount,ro /dev/mtd/mtdblock2 /system

Reboot and enjoy your new Android in a quick

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