Android extended battery capacity fix

Yesterday I arrived 1650mHa battery for HTC Kaiser-a me, which is 300mHa more than the original 😎 . Because I use a phone that is non native Android need to make a few spells to read correctly the battery in%-. One easy option is if you use a standard kernel with editvate it by setting a new value Atools to mHa battery flašvate with the new NBH and derzaete. The other option is to use non-standard core which does not lend itself to treatment and make atools grozena neighbors patch problem.

First let me explain a bit of theory, and then to get on with the patch. When you make changes in its core with you make atools fine settings of the system in/sys/module/, and then under depends on your hardware. To me the important file that corresponds to the setting of the battery is located in the/sys/module/board_kaiser_battery/parameters/battery_capacity. It contains how many units is the amount of your battery, and on the basis of the figure inside is calculated on how much % is your battery now. My name because I don't write units pure integer and mHa is calculated on the basis of the formula

* 1.6 mHa = units

In my case this means 1650 * 1 = 2640 units, in other words this is the content of fajlčeto. Have done hastily in the console you imbed a

echo 2640 > /sys/module/board_kaiser_battery/parameters/battery_capacity

So to here things are crystal clear what should be done, where and why. However, here comes the moment for detail, файлът в /sys директорията си занулява съдържанието след всеки рестарт на телефона, което не е много оферта. Затова следващата стъпка е да го сложим горния ред init-a на нашия Android.

Тъй като несъм съм го сложил в init-аискам да изчакам няколко дни преди да го направя. Когато го набия в init-a ще драсна набързо едно дребно how to 🙂

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