ADSL Router Model CT-5367 user and pass

Recently I had to figure out why the hell this shit of VIVACOM (BTC) – ADSL Model CT-5367 for. In addition to his big hollow hardware geek has decided, 4MB RAM was a luxury and put 2 that is an insanely small- because each konekciâ which make use of the mechanism for routing system resource accordingly. To be more specific in your example you open your torrent client and do a few hundred k″nekš″na. Which is absolutely enough to fold ruterčeto. Overall, I'm not going to explain how to improve his work because it is impossible! Only I can give a password and user name 🙂

user: root
pass: warmWLspot

With them you can telnet to the router involved-you sign in it etc.. Useful if you are physically far away from the router and to your joints to restart it.


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