ADSL Router Model CT-5367 user and pass

Recently I had to find out why the hell this VIVACOM nonsense (BTC) – ADSL Model CT-5367 is useless. In addition to his hollow hardware, some great genius has decided, 4MB ram is a great luxury and is put 2 which is insanely small- because every connection you make is the use of the routing mechanism respectively system resource. To be more specific in your example, you open your torrent client and make several hundred connections. Which is absolutely enough to fold the router. In general, I will not explain how to improve his work because it is impossible! I can only give her a password and username

user: root
pass: warmWLspot

With them you can telnet to your router, enter it and so on. They are useful if you are physically far from the router and you are too lazy to restart it.


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