Quite long time no Doodle, nothing that I'm on vacation and spend a great time. testing my new video of Karat 9600GT. Actually 9800GTX is not at all wanted to buy but the price of this she was tempting low, and I decided presale money. I think it's a good buy. The card exceeded my expectations several times. Currently, in addition to all the other GTA games IV 1440h900 I syrvet everything on max with AA & AF 😉 😈 Video of Karat company Gainward which for me is relatively unknown. Karat - with 512MB DDR3 memory 256 bit bus 😎 overall good execution is 😉 Importantly, with active cooling and brings the acceleration, though still refrains, the eternal games behind me leguat then we'll see, maybe just change the bottom with any that supports SLI instead to Cloquet and pyria poor card. It also I put Windows 7 and I can say that the gentlemen of mikromekite January, in addition, did great – deleted all Imotski things of the worm, where it teased nothing, is stable of sistemata and better- most importantly for me supports dx10 to check the optimum on the map. As a last word I can say that 9600GT is good and artino solution if you decided to do jpgsee on an old video, I had a huge contrast 8300 (maternal) prior to the current 🙂

I caprylyl loons great to test the game, I read what, what graphics and other. Prewytt Devil May Cry 4 great game with great graphics supports dx10 and dx9 modes on the equipment you have 🙂 I would check to see the difference between the two versions, but sabrah, Maybe some day I will take it off again and then it will start a statiika on whether it makes sense from the dx10 🙂

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