3G фантасмагории

Quite a long time I had problem with HTC is my – frame I played like crazy, fell almost to zero,, absolutely no reason that. I changed the radio ROM riliizi zero overall effect, and bought it into the sky so 👿 on the Last day it was changed again, software – this time, however, so here's the question: 3G unlike earlier, the only tegleg 2G software not exclude besmislen function because the 3G Network and I have the supposedly required, like this. I loaded the software and disconnected 3G service and OPA frames reached the maximum not to tremble at all 😯 checkmate. Daeba the outcome is, that for all service time was included in the absence of such a network range super - scapal :lol:. Tried with other mobile operators, although as threee wound field and will have coverage in my city hihihihiih. At the weekend I was there in Plovdiv 100% have Taqwa network as a service all the doide on the spot, обхвата не играеше показаха се други индикатори за такава мрежа. Ако ви играе обхвата и имате 3G на телефона си знаете вероятната причина 😉

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