3G phantasmagoria

I've had problems with my HTC for a long time – my range played like crazy falling almost to zero climbing, for absolutely no reason. I changed the radio rum releases generally zero effect, and when I bought it it wasn't like that 👿 Last day I changed its software once again – this time, however, with one that supports 3G unlike before I only pulled 2G software so that I do not turn off the pointless function because I do not have a 3G network and it is supposed to, anyway. I uploaded the software and turned off the 3G service and the opa range nailed to maximum without shaking at all 😯 Chess and checkmate. Daeba eventually turns out, that the service was turned on all the time and due to the lack of such a network the range was super expensive :mrgreen:. I tried with the other mobile operators, the range is still crazy and there is coverage in my city, hihihihihih. During the weekend I was in Plovdiv and there 100% there is such a network as I activated the service everything came into place, the range did not play other indicators for such a network appeared. If your range is playing and you have 3G on your phone you know the probable cause 😉

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