Beauty or Performance

Yesterday operacinata foul-up system of my sister (Windows XP) and it was a good time to Palm it off to her and put my Vista. I'm prižalva as a resource that actually don't have de 🙂 , I'd like to see her a little closer. Well let's start with instalcaiâta. Initially bootva with a new Boot Loader. Then enter a beautiful graphical installation… and so far, so good. Then asked me to choose the type of Vistat death I want to insatliram – I think they were 7 choices. Now I chose Ultimate because I have heard that this is the best, But if I had some pretty lame I wonder 🙂 a black dot. Then came a coin to choose the drive you want to format and put Vista Cruiser… Damn it took me about 10 minutes to razba how it works again, another black mark. OK it started passing the installation went smoothly and relatively quickly 🙂 . The first unpleasant impression was, that started an exploring hardware right immediately before the entry to the AXIS. It took quite a while but it's done very impressive, got my entire hardware(HD Audio and Nvidia VGA and LAN) so I didn't have to put extra drjveri, Besides, the site naeŝo does not work for the manufacturer ASROK . Download drivers will still go to the site, I don't know how much I can rely on these embedded. OK it's been all instalcii God how difficult konfucuraciâta 🙂 a hell of a lot of menus and submenus. Confusing and are links to other menus at some point wonder see you link or text only, a few black dots. So about an hour game ospâh to ponasloža basic software and to play a little with the Vista Cruiser. Really nice and dizajnčeto, a calamus system and only a glorified – is nothing more than a few effects – a colored dot to design and a lot of bad advertising. Comes with momentada how system resources. So the company is 2800+ 64the Sempron , 512MB RAM DDR 400 with 80GB and Nvidia hard video 6100 (embedded at the bottom I have given and 64MB RAM). Of those resources was about taking 320MB Vista RAM and fell beneath them regardless of whether it is included or not modes Ayr. The processor would run at about 10% and with every release of a new program to hold soil 100% for a long time. When instalaiâta Vista cruiser was swallowed around 11GB hardiskovo space. In my opinion, this is too much for a operacina system of setrami and liked me to enjoy health.
Later that day I got a Celeron 600Mhz 128SD Ram and five video embedded intelsko but I don't remember what exactly preinstalacâ. And I oprozčvam with HR. With a few tricks I did damn well going to HR and without bulge and most important fast action keep. I managed to push him hard diskovot space in 900MB used it around the ramta 80 MB and CPU it when I came home to levee above 85% ûzidž. Really looks like 98 but again, in this case better than vision compromised with mašinta. In a moemnt both machines behaved in the same way 🙂 only with the difference that one is several tens of times would better than other.
Instead of conclusion I will say:

  • If you are a beginner, don't start alone installation (Let someone knowledgable to sweat)
  • If you have under 1GB RAM makes no sense to put Vista unless you want to play only of Solitaire
  • If you do nothing dosga not convinced my words – pobl″skajte your head!
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