Certification in ipv6.he.net have daily tests that give on 1 an extra point after passing all the basic tests. They have to be done 100 such tests for maximum score 😐 . The tests themselves are completely trivial

  • Traceroute
  • Ping
  • Whois

The most unpleasant thing is that the tests themselves must be unique, ie you can't use one domain twice 🙂 Besides everything else, they are a bit annoying 🙄 – no challenge just slapping 5 commands in the cli and copy / paste of the result on their site.

As a lazy and administrator who likes to make his life easier, I quickly scratched an elementary bash that does the dirty work for me.


hr() {
  local start=$'\e(0' end=$'\e(B' line='qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq'
  local cols=${COLUMNS:-$(tput cols)}
  while ((${#line} < cols)); do line+="$line"; done
  printf '%s%s%s\n' "$start" "${line:0:cols}" "$end"

if [ -z $1 ]
  echo "Append domain afert the script name!!!"

IP=$(dig $1 AAAA +short)

if [ -z ${IP} ]
  echo "$1 dont have valid IPv6 record"
  traceroute6 $1
  dig $1 AAAA
  dig -x ${IP}
  ping6 -c3 ${IP}
  whois ${IP}

As you can see, the script is insanely simple. You submit a domain and then validate it to see if there is an IPv6 record and if so, perform daily tests for it. The coolest part – function hr which prints a line across the entire width of the screen is taken from bash-hackers.

One of the things that annoys me the most is when I copy / move a great director in cli I have no idea what percentage of the total size I have rolled over. Unfortunately, cp / mv do not have such forces and we have to resort to alternatives. There are a lot of possibilities, but I personally like the use of rsync instead of pc / mv. It has everything built-in – preserve rights over files and directories, progress bar as well as the ability to delete copied files.

In general, I did 2 alias that do more than wonderful work:

alias cpi='rsync -a --info=progress2'
alias mvi='rsync -a --info=progress2 --remove-source-files'