За единия проект които водя в gitweb ме дразнеше, че няма оцветяване на кода в дървото. Лесен начин как да оцветите синтаксиса в tree частта на gitweb е като инсталирате пакета highlight и добавите следния ред в /etc/gitweb.conf или където ви се намира конфигурационния файл на gitweb

$feature{‘highlight’}{‘default’} = [1];

За Debian пакета го има в пакетната система за другите дистрибуции не съм проверявал.

ps There is an alternative option by making changes to the gitweb files, but it seemed pointless to me as there is a simple option 🙂

I haven't written much, an awful lot of time. Apparently for some strange reason people missed me because I received several letters with questions – What's happening, Where he got lost, not to give up the blog. Quite interesting, obviously for some strange and inexplicable reason for me people read me and even more strangely they like this piece of meaningless nonsense. It was quite interesting for me after I moved my blog to shared hosting that I don't have enough resources 😆 Quite a funny fact I don't have enough CPU time from overloading with too many visits 😀 So in general so far I had the great difficulty to be able to blog just because I don't constant access to the Internet but since last week I have been in my home and I am global again. I will probably pull my server again so that I don't create unnecessary problems for my hosting provider, I have optical connectivity anyway, and I miss experimenting with web services, to pick at my machine and watch how the speed and consumption of resources change. For a few days I've been thinking of an interesting room inspired by the latest craziness I'm dealing with, but let's see what happens, that my cisco is quite busy, it continues at full speed, we go to English from the company, that to raise the level and free time again tends to minus infinity.