It's been a long time since I last wrote but I'm terribly busy with my new job, I haven't settled in yet and I haven't put the Internet in my new place. Separately, that the hosting where my small blog was located had a lot of hardware problems and there was a period in which it could not function due to my inability to have physical access to the machine. After much thought, I decided to transfer my blog to a public web server, a decision that required a lot of thinking and not a very easy acceptance. After all, I'm primarily a system administrator, and that strikes my pride a lot, but at the moment I don't have any suitable machine to host the site like that, that I swallow the bitter bite and move on. Excluding this fact and the fact that I am extremely limited by the possibility of manipulating the settings of apache + php + mysql things don't look so bad. People make regular backups have their disaster recovery plan have their technical help you can ask for help – както и се наложи за да импортират бекъпа на базата ми данни които е в скромния размер от около 1GB. За сега има още няколко дребни настройки да се довършат но това ще е като имм нерви да се боря с тъпия cpanel 😆