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Today I think the ponder on this perversion of nature CentOS. Inspired by the recently published 6th CentOS version I have and what I mean. In itself, this shit is development RedHat and it is on their server fork Red Had Linux Enterprise. Use the rpm package manager them (which is terribly great, Yes, but not).

Let me start by saying that made me begin to write and to ponder what kind of freak this is CentOS and soil in my servers. About a week ago came out verisâ 6 and I decided to update my current 5.6 installation of our VPS hosting. I was very unpleasantly surprised when I saw the, I don't consider the update packages. I decided, that something I dabble and checked out on the Internet. I was shocked when I saw the recommendation is to do a clean install and upgrade from distributiviven 5.6 is not recommended and is made with pounds of black magic and that is why it is not possible in the standard way. Hmmm pretty interesting point. 😆 and that's enterprise distribution, very interesting. I don't see how you can even be classified in this category except, that manufacturer and put this resounding name. Assume the following 2 script – one of them is doing a new install the other is not doing.

1. Scenarios – I'm downloading it razkačam server stops all services that support. Install it for 1 hour or more business for which I work is undergoing major losses as money. I work as a system will probably take adminsnitrator or salty fines. Comment not all sorrows along the correct settings and the archive data and settings. The keel is rezulatta nerves have a clean system. Obvious options is not acceptable.

2. Scenarios – We don't do a distribution upgrade system sits so while running the security patches. While at one point and not terminate maintenance after a while gets hacked because of a hole in any of the services offered, for nev″zmožnosta to ensure distrubutivno upgrade. Steal data or simply just to compromise server – salty back fines or you lose your job.

Quite interesting and both the script end quite unpleasant for their system administrator for capital mistake in the design of selection and distribution company that laziness to not ensure compatibility between packages. While on the other hand there is not so much enterprise distributions which are quietly, without big names. I have a Debian Server that is version 3 upgraded to version aktualanta 6 now that he's been through 3 major upgrades like there was no refusal to access services. In principle, one of the main principle of the admin's – “If you work alone” but that's why people discover holes placed patches so they come out new packages to improve stability or to accelerate productivity. In conclusion, in addition to my personal opinion but the opinion of many of my friends where the good Admin than me is CenOS sucks.

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BackTrack 5 It was released on May 10,. For the first time appear with an official version 侏儒 probably the pressure of society has spoken 🙂 and due to this fact you decided to install it on my EEE 1000H. Still my favorite Gnome graphical environment 😉 . Again as the 4th version again and this is based on the Ubuntu 10.04LTS. Which in my opinion did not drawback to say though the target group are the lamavi hahori 😀 . As a regular bloke, a major network's Manager wicd, that's usually a pretty nice in my opinion is the preferred ( When I need a 😉 ), but the eee-it makes me a bug that you can't hook up to unencrypted wireless networks. Definitely quite uncomfortable, with your normal network manager of Gnome this problem is absent. The situation is now clear and I have a problem I have a solution.

Basically won't insist on instalciâta and removing a basic underwater stone that will happen. Otherwise, the previous 2 операции по стандартния начин с apt-get или през synaptic както ви е най комфортно. So I mentioned to an underwater rock and he is following about contents in/etc/network/interfaces network-manager-a cannot initialize your network adapters. It is necessary to comment all superfluous, including the settings with IP addresses. After I cleaned the content of my work out something

auto loe th0 wlan0
allow-hotplug wlan0
allow-hotplug eth0

This solves the problem of not working network manager.

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