God I hate those guys from Mysql 😆 Today I made the update from mysql 5.1 to 5.5 version and the server wouldn't start again, a log in the mysql-everything was dying plain and simple with:

110527 9:27:38 [ERROR] Unknown/unsupported storage engine: InnoDB
110527 9:27:38 [ERROR] Aborting

Huh did you know what was going on after 😀 began to forbid settings at URmy.cfg palnaha things only after I shut


Crazy 🙂 Without this option in the configuration everything worked as people, However, this situation was not, because innodb is not used on this server and there is no need to take unnecessary memory, which is anyway scanty. After some digging I found the problem and the solution. If not set default storage engine server won't know the command and therefore will not start 😯 . I think Cheney never lightly in my previous upgrade from 5.0 to 5.1 things were again with dramas at least 10 from the parameters in the URmy.cfg were different names and at least 5 were dramatically cut and not supported. Only one problem this time 😀 the solution is obviously set the default storage engine, What's wrong with the following command


From here on, everything was working normal.

Last week, I came home from a week-long vacation in the Netherlands. I've been thinking, that some day you're going to fix the situation in Bulgaria, but I'm not so optimistic. There system is extremely well covered in the Hague more avenues that I saw were with 2 the large sails with 3 and I saw the brutal traffic. Another exclusive shock was their big prices at supermarkets – extremely close to Bulgarian. However their minimum salaries start at about 2000 How's your 😀 Evra. I thought that the Dutch will have cold people – again error. At least the ones I met were extremely friendly and tolerant of foreigners (me). Another pleasant impression is their low mass construction houses are 3 floor for 6 families, creates a pleasant countryside setting in such a big city. people are smiling and friendly – What is normal however, they are not burdened by the bitovizmite that the average Bulgarian. Which in itself is based on the secure system.

This was my first trip abroad for a long time a rude 7 years 😀 the world has changed, the identity card is sufficient to 2 hours later the 2500 miles away. Travel within the EU is more than a simple. Now cut out the evil plans for further destinations – Italy, France, the world's 🙂 table let's drink together as Bard.

p. s in the logic of my thoughts when I will be fine – the answer is never. After the completion of CCNA and certificate, think about a good party. Generally the outcome of the crisis is a – the first Terminal.