Male how I hate these guys from Mysql 😆 Today I did the update from mysql 5.1 to 5.5 version and again the server did not start, a in the mysql log everything died clean and simple with:

110527 9:27:38 [ERROR] Unknown/unsupported storage engine: InnoDB
110527 9:27:38 [ERROR] Aborting

Hah remember what's going on 😀 After I started banning settings on my.cfg things started only after I banned


Crazy work 🙂 Without this option in the configuration, everything worked like humans, however, this situation did not suit me, because innodb is not used on this server and does not need to take up unnecessary memory, which is scarce anyway. After some digging I found the problem and its corresponding solution. If no default storage engine is set, the server will not recognize the command and will not start accordingly 😯 . It seems to me that they have already slightly exaggerated in their previous upgrade from 5.0 to 5.1 things were dramatic again, at least 10 of the parameters in my.cfg had different names and at least 5 were dramatically cut and unsupported. This time only one problem 😀 The solution to the problem is obviously to set the default storage engine, which happens with the following command


From then on, everything worked the same way.

Last week I returned from a week-long vacation in the Netherlands. I thought, that one day the situation in Bulgaria will improve, but I'm not so optimistic anymore. There the system is extremely well arranged. In The Hague more boulevards I saw were with 2 sails and the largest with 3 and I didn't see any brutal traffic. Another extreme shock was the prices in their large supermarkets – extremely close to the Bulgarian ones. However, their minimum wages start at around 2000 euro 😀 how are you. I thought the Dutch would be cold people – error again. At least those I met were extremely well-meaning and tolerant of foreigners (i). Another pleasant impression is their low construction mass houses are 3 floor for 6 families, creates a very pleasant rural atmosphere in such a large city.People are smiling and friendly – which is normal though, they are not burdened by the everyday life that torments the average Bulgarian. Which in itself comes from a well-organized system.

This was my first trip abroad in a long time 7 years 😀 The world has changed, an ID card is enough to be 2 hours later on 2500 kilometers distance. Traveling within the EU is more than simple. I'm already making bad plans for future destinations – Italy, France 🙂 The world is a table let's drink together as the poet had said.

p.s In the logic of my thoughts when we will get better – the answer is never. After completing the CCNA and taking the certificate, think of a better side. In general, the outcome of the crisis is one – first terminal.