Lately, the little free time I had is completely evaporating. Work learning programming, an endless cycle – long sticky even a little annoying. In all the monotony of everyday life that has engulfed me, if sometimes nonsense doesn't happen to me – I don't even distinguish between days and weeks….. For example, last Sunday night on my way home from Plovdiv after the Cisco academy I had a serious car accident., to my joy everything went smoothly and no one was injured 🙂 If it wasn't for this I wouldn't remember the past week with anything serious. He's been harassing me this week Python I study it because I will write a rather twisted software and it has already started and my role will be to debug the old part and finish the new one. The language is hellishly pleasant and object-oriented and abnormally fast. Compared to php the differences are about 2 times and a bit in favor of python and for resources used around 8-9 times. Not small numbers at all. Well my time is up I have to shoot on assignments, and late at night I have to write a script for MAC OS X..–Q4

From 2 days I completely lost Windows Mobile and installed Android on NAND 2.2 on my HTC Kaiser. Overall, my observations are positive – not that I have time for in-depth work and research of the seams that start on the phone, etc. but I like at least the idea that there is a normal terminal emulator, that I can stick a top on my phone, ls, iptables, telnet or ssh to do my job normally remotely. I have slight remarks on eating RAM but I believe, that if I drive a SWAP partition into it, things will improve. With the rest of the time, I will study in more detail the init structure of this nonsense to see how many unnecessary things I will remove and whether I will be able to save the startup time..

I have been the owner of for about a week now HTC TyTN 2. I sold my old HTC TyTN 1 and with some surcharge I bought the Kaiser(the TyTN code name 2). My new communicator is different from the old one with its much better hardware – a new generation ARM processor, 2 times more RAM for large NAND for ROM. Apart from the fact that it also has GPS, which I really missed in the old Hermes. The previous owner had not experimented with the machinery and so all the fun of SPL-unlocking and unlocking fell to me 🙂 At the moment I drive it with Android through the memory card, that something lately I'm not fascinated by the droid and I'm thinking of playing to port Openmoko GUI. My work on the previous project ended with the Touch Screen driver. I believe there was more bread in the project but I had neither the time nor the nerve to deal with it. For now, I will drive with Android until I have time to port Openmoko, but the droid, no matter how much I don't like it, is better Windows Mobile 😉 I have various remarks on the work of the phone but the project is too advanced yet to join the development team.

Today was the last nail in the coffin and I decided to write a few explanatory lines to my post pointless 🙂 So to explain what happened – a man told me today – bray and you had a soul 😆 Well, a chance to fuck under that brutal shell of ice, beneath the layers of strength and firmness, etc., there is a soul that flutters and seeks beauty in the world. Е не по детски и с розови очила но има я оная позитивна сила която и дава усмивката сутрин или пък те кара виждаш лъч светлина в края на тунела или просто се надява понякога на някое малко чудо колкото и да не вярва в тях 😉 Да не съм безчувствено копеле дето не знае какво прави просто понякога (usually) I am restrained, covert but not hypocritical. I prefer people around me not to see what's going on in my head, I hold on to my personal world no less than others and the feelings are extremely intimate in my opinion. Some people think, that I have trouble expressing emotions – well they may be right, а може и да не са 🙂

That's enough nonsense to move on to the second interesting part of the post – Lily's comment. Hmmm the comment is an absolute mystique even for me. Its author is unknown to me, I prefer to believe, that he is a man who has seen something he liked and commented on. True sounds damn real and sincere but – chance, I tried to contact the author of the comment but nothing came of it – I have no feedback. I would love to talk to a person with such a strong emotion as hers caused by nonsense like mine 🙂 I am happy when I make people feel happy.

The third and last interesting part were a few questions – Who is it addressed to? Well, I don't know honestly. Не съм го писал с определена цел да предизвикам емоция в определен човек по скоро ми се пишеше нещо и това ми се въртеше в главата – I was a little sad and that's why the emotion she carries is like that 🙂