For a while I had decided to take a break from the car, that is, to leave the poor thing alone and in the autumn to start picking and booing, however, as I sat and thought, what about this little V6 if I hit a slight inflation with a turbine, say about 0.4-0.5 the bar will be nice. And the story began again. Crouching reading and stuff and in the interest of truth the idea is not bad at all with a weak bloated K8 will do about 180 donkeys can and slightly up. After a certain amount of bills, etc., I started picking a turbine, then I intended to look at how to make my own kit and so on.. However, I came across an ad for a KL-DE engine, I called just out of interest to see what price they would give me and after I found out the price I completely gave up turbocharging the small K8, the price is relatively the same, the horses will be very close, except that the big engine will it gave me a lot of future opportunities while with turbocharging I would have reached almost the limit of my little V6. So life health in late fall I hope to officially drive a Mazda MX-3 Neo Mod 🙂

Here is a table of options for changing the MX-3 engine

Yesterday I had a friend with the root of d-link dir-300 – an unpretentious low-end router. He complained of minor problems. He had problems with the automatic connection with pppoe or via wi-fi. I looked at everything, it looked fine, I upgraded its factory firmware, things were stable. Despite everything, I wanted to put dd-wrt on it because I know from last year, that there is firmware for this model as well. Since I was unlucky, the router was a revision of A1, the hamalogy of the hook was great. I will not explain in detail how to flash and so on, but I will rather emphasize 2 thin moments, because flash guide is good enough to handle on its own. The first thin moment is when you will enter RedBoot – the guide does not state that the reset button should be held for about 30 seconds after restarting the router and after starting it to connect to the router via telnet to on the port 9000 through the wan port. This port is very important for the future because it will give you access to the boot rom in case you overdo something without wanting to.. At the end of the guide there is a short script that automatically connects to RedBoot for you. If you are using a Windows machine I highly recommend using putty instead of the built-in telnet client. The other thin point is the answer with y to all the questions the console asks you. There are no other pitfalls.

Once everything is ready and you do the last reset it will take you around 2 minutes to run the dd-wrt web part. You will guess, that everything is started when the wi-fi network indicator lights up. In general, the router loads much slower than before, it used to take him about 40-50 seconds now over a minute and a half. This is generally not a pain to die given that we already have a much more stable router. The problem is that it has a weak 183Mhz processor for comparison my Linksys WRT54G is with 200. It is also annoying that the processor is atheros and does not support overclocking.

In a few days I will probably repeat the procedure on another dir-300 A1, after all, the linux is based on the firmware and the stability it gives to the little box, separately the many new features with which routers can compete for several hundred $ it is not a fact of neglect.

One damn disgusting thing about using Gnome with an English locale is, that shows me the first day of the week Sunday. It is terribly uncomfortable and irritating. The solution is damn simple to change the order of the localization file from

first_weekday 1 на first_weekday 2. And because I'm lazy to do it by hand every time I did it in a script 😉 That when I update the localizations and the situation is blurred ugly. The script must be run root.


if [ $EUID -ne 0 ]
 echo -en "\n \033[1;31m Must be a root \033[0m \n"
 exit 0

LOCAL=$(locale | grep LANG | cut -d"=" -f2 | cut -d"." -f1)

if [ -f $FILE ]
 sed -i 's/^first_weekday.*/first_weekday 2/' $FILE

 killall gnome-panel

 echo -en "\n \n \n \033[44;1;33m Done \033[0m \n \n \n"
 echo -en "\n \033[1;31m File doesent exixst \033[0m \n"

If you eventually use another type of localization, the script will intercept it. And will do it on Monday if it is not и Here is a link to script.

You know that I like to play with the dark side of things 😀 My favorite tool in these flirtations has almost always been backtrack or at least part of it. In their latest version, the boys migrated to mutate Ubuntu which they have tried to mutate well enough. I wandered around the forum to kill some time to read some big nonsense from the acres in the forum and once again came across a request for Gnome support in Backtrak. Super Gnome is also my favorite decanter environment, Honestly, I've tried almost everything possible for something, I'm sorry, but only Gnome gives me enough internal comfort at work, and KDE, neither LXDE nor their various boxes there, only to some extent does the E17 make me happy. Soooo I deviated a lot from the idea. So the guys developers strained and made the menu with the actors birth certificate not visible if you manage to install your gnome. From here, all Ubuntu premature babies howled so viciously and pitifully, that I can even hear them muttering, sobbing and crying. Is it so hard to install Ubuntu and then upload it? 5-6 tulchek which eventually use and it does not, that they use them just for fun and to enjoy themselves, that they have an actor tools hem to rinse eyes in Gnome. But they should have a backtrack, otherwise how, every self-respecting actor should use this distro because it is full of useful and useless tools where they do not think to install them themselves 😀 Enough that I can still pour pour and still not enough time for dumb users to hear me.

Lately I've been dealing with my mental misery, I probably also have bronchitis… Separately, I try to drive some things that are super important for my future. I am totally without time for myself. Everyone is pulling me somewhere, the little time I have I try to spend reading or thinking, both don't give me much. At home I manage to spend only an hour or undisturbed…. However, everything is not so gray and impersonal and unhappy, something happened that I didn't expect to happen or at least started to happen 😀 I'll wait before I go into details