I like the idea on Mitaka and I hope and saw you follow her no, that I believe there will be some “benefit” from it but I'm interested people on facebook are involved with thousands in various stupid groups to see in some sense how it will happen neata for now the result is deplorable

It's never too late to become a razor, people have said. I only learned today, that CBQ goes down with rules over 10Mbit, it's horrible that I have a few clients for which I use it and even fewer of them are above the critical limit. After a short meeting with colleagues, we put HTB which turned out, that there are no problems like the other traffic control mechanism. After a few minor adjustments, I assembled the new shapers and everything went as it should. Several of the corporate clients will be satisfied others were, that for about 2 hours I had removed the traffic restrictions while making the HTB ready, anyway, I cut them with traffic, let them rejoice a little 😉 Later, if I don't get bored, I'll read the difference between the two mechanisms to see exactly where it goes first and I can describe it if I don't get bored even more 😆

I've been getting very nervous lately. I do not think, that there is some reason for my periodic madness. 🙂 To some extent I dull the nerves with gentle and soothing music or at high speeds, both options are preferable to breaking people from a fight 😀 Here is something lyrical and reassuring

I haven't watched movies for a long time, or at least ones that I like enough. I looked today Reign Over Me – extremely strong movie I definitely hadn't watched anything memorable in a long time. The pleasant surprise was the soundtrack with the song by The Who

Some time ago I roared to my death, that I can't buy the engine I want for my naughty MX3 and I had abandoned the ideas until something more serious dawned on me. During this time I picked up the various forum topics and so on and reached the moment when it dawned on me 😉 – KLDE engine will be dug up anyway, it is partly pointless to start converting it to KLZE – far more competent decision would be to start preparing it for turbineing. The engine itself comes with a lower level of compression anyway 9.2:1 which is beneficial even without picking to swell by about 0.5 requires , that and a little on top, which will bring him compression around 12.8 bar in the cylinders and on very rough accounts will do 164 horse engine to 220 donkeys 😎 Sounds good doesn't it and if I play it I'll decompress and push the compression level, say to 8 or 8.5:1 I will be able to inflate it with 1 bar or 1.2 from its turbine and then the first number of horses will change almost directly 3 and the second better not to consider it 😉 In general, the plan is literate and far less budget than to do a conversion to ZE and then wonder what to do with it. But there is always a big BUT now, apart from the need to find a relatively readable engine, not as I thought blown out, a huge amount of calculations have to be made about all the charks that I will need in the future., because the turbocharging itself is not a joke, but a turbo kit is a chamber of money and is quite limited compared to a custom one.. There is still a great deal of knowledge to gain to be convinced, that this is what I want to do.

Here's a demonstration of the top-down option I need to bring 😉

ps Today I put the first nice charks in my car 😀 Spark plug cables NGK in general possible most- the good that can be found on the market. The engine began to run repeatedly more evenly, you can also feel an extremely pleasant dynamics in the lows, but all explainable reinforcement cables themselves – with resistance 8 ohms are while normal are with 16 oh which means more current – a better explosion 🙂

ps2 I don't know if it became clear but my personal favorite is already KLDE 😉