Fucking and the cool day 🙂 in the sense of pleasant weather I sobered up and so my plans for an afternoon race on the Lenov track failed, but everything is great otherwise 🙂 Here is something for an even more pleasant mood

I'm a man of 24 years. This is a good age for a person to do everything he dreams of without restraint without worries, especially given, that I have no wife and no children. For mine 24 lazarnik I am a materially happy person – I have the car I wanted to have, and most people sigh at her, well-paid and relatively prestigious work, own home, enough technique to pamper myself when I want. In the next moment, the question always arises what of it. All of the above does not make me a better or worse person than others, where is the point then? Why do we fight so much. In the end, we all end 2 meters underground, which is the thing that really remains behind us proving, that we once existed, that we have led the life we ​​want and not just lived? Damn, there's no such evidence except in our heads.

Today, my beautiful MX3 has a new sound system. I replaced the old Blaupunkt Kansas DJ51 which came with the car with Pioneer DEH-2220UB които не е кои знае какво специално просто подържа USB интерфеис кото ми осигурява максимално качество на музика без да прескача досадно по дупките и същевременно осигурева качествен звук 😉 . Old Blaupunkt leaves for my father, it was totally useless to me especially considering that it was with a cassette 😀 Nowadays who uses such equipment 😆 Pioneer was delivered to me and installed by my friend Nedko Penev who has a specialized score for quality audio music. Except, that he is a good friend of mine, the young man understands a hell of a lot of work. In 2009 he won an award for car music in the prestigious competition EMMA 🙂 So if you need quality and expert opinion installation and manufacture, and not a guy I'll punch the back crust and put 2 the speaker and let the thunder not be heard in the car contact my man.

If some of you, my dear friends, had noticed my itch, it would have been offline for a few days 🙁. Horror full especially as I keep the backups on the same hard ahahahahaha. To my delight, I was able to save the necessary information thanks to the ultra hyper mega cool cool testdisk 😉 If you ever have problems with the hard drive and if the testdisk fails there is nothing to help. Doskoo I thought that restoring information from the ext3 partition is impossible, to my joy I was wrong a lot 😆 Well, the hard drive is 80 more than enough as there is a small 10GB for a second backup, so I hope everything is secured and maybe onwards to take an 8GB flash drive for the 3rd backup that at least there life is great and I have nothing to worry about if some disk dies. Now I continue with the settings and in the next few days if it is not stable you know that I am playing with it 😀 And if some are wondering again I have hooked up Debian netinstall 😈