Little by little from 2 months I have my beautiful car 😈 and for some inexplicable reason when I changed the oil I forgot the air filter and this is second only to the oil horror hell amateur. I changed it yesterday and the effect was dizzying 😉 – dynamics increased and fuel consumption decreased. I explain the dynamics is rising due to the oxygen-enriched fuel mixture and fuel consumption decreases, because once the mixture is enriched it is not necessary to catch up with a mixture of more fuel. Did I say that it became hellishly fast 😎 New car upgrades will follow soon, first I will fix the exhaust system to take the new exhaust gas flow well, there will be a Mazda MX3 Neo2 MOD 😉 I will keep the following upgrades a secret until I clarify some important details. Maybe some will ask me if your car is fast, why is it still yours – the answer is clear is never enough. Когато се състезаваш в онези 15-20 seconds when you and the other car are simple things are either you lose or you win, and fuck no one likes to lose 😉

It was high time to write something 🙂 My first blog of the year will not be techno shit 😉 hehehehe I will write about my nonsense. I feel like hell, gravitational, as if I were separated from reality. My daily life turns into a thought job, for projects for her, for the car, and other minor mental anguish. Sometimes I get the feeling that the days just merge into one long week of the week. Now, in a small bout of headache and depressed dementia, I can't even write meaningful things. That's why I'm going to give you a nice piece, which is from the series 4400 and I highly recommend it.