Now I look at the office phone too little and see, that I blew up his display without realizing it. I threw it away directly – he is a veteran Sony Ericsson T230 but overall his function was to drive a lot of time talking and yes … and yes it is. I only talk to a special group of people on my office phone, for more I have a personal 😉 Not that my personal is a miracle of technology K310 which I flashed with the software on W200i I also don't need this for some havi such as photos and videos, that's why he has digital cameras 😉 so my thought is that for now I have fixed the situation with a retired J100i for business but soon I will have to make my personal business and buy some more readable for personal. And if I'm going to dig, I'll want it to be something like, say, with windows mobile so that I can later upload Linux or google's android. For now, I'm looking at some nice things and I've come up with a pretty interesting offer for HTC Diamond. But I like to give so much money for a phone hihihihihi, big dilemma right, on the other hand, it will soon be my birthday and it will not be bad to make a nice gift. Abe is a big dilemma 😈 and if I'm going to dig up my phone it won't be some ordinary, that I wish there were clicks on it, on the other hand I have an Asus EEE 1000H which fills my life for other rattles. Anyway, as long as I annoy people with idiots, if some have an offer phone from this rand to whistle 😉

I haven't scratched anything for a long time that I'm on vacation and I'm spending a lot of time testing my new 9600GT video card. True, the 9800GTX is not what I wanted to buy, but the price of this one was temptingly low and I decided to spare the money.. I think it's a good buy. The map exceeded my expectations several times. So far, except for GTA IV, all other games at 1440x900 are running at max with AA & AF 😉 😈 The video card belongs to the company Gainward which is relatively unknown to me. The card has 512MB of DDR3 memory with 256 household bus 😎 generally good performance is 😉 The important thing is that it is actively cooled and carries on a clock, although for now I will refrain, so far the games don't start to lag at me then we'll see I can just change the bottom with one that supports SLI instead of knocking and frying the poor card. I also put Windows on because of her 7 and I can say that the gentlemen from the micro-soft have done great – they removed all idiotic things from the worm that they irritated unnecessarily, the system works stably and most- the important thing for me is to support dx10 to test the optimum on the card. As a final word I can say that 9600GT is a good and cheap solution if you decide to upgrade the old video, for me the difference was huge from 8300 (bottom) to the present 🙂

I look like a kid, I test games a lot, I read which one with which graphics and so on. I scrolled through Devil May Cry 4 great game with great graphics supports dx10 and dx9 modes according to the hardware you have 🙂 I would test to see the difference between the two versions but I forgot, maybe some day I will download it again and then I will write a static on whether dx10 makes sense 🙂

The most- then I had to fix the last touches around my modest project NUKI 🙂 In general, there are a hell of a lot of changes where obvious where not, but it was definitely quite a useful upgrade on all scripts and I even had to add 2 new that I migrate from flat files to databases 😉 I also made one changelog file, that I'm old age I'm not happy when I forget what 😉 The file is encoded UTF-8, to know in case you open it through the browser 😉 Enough nonsense, let me introduce the changes 😆

Improved functionality for logs:
1. Due to the inaccuracy in time of most receivers, the server time is taken
2. More info – reason to restart the receiver
The client part receives parameters for whether the channel is encrypted, if it is encrypted and there is no necessary service, the receiver is restarted. If not, a restart is not required.(future fixation)
The server part passes arguments

In general, the logging stuff was very buggy, I got a receiver with its date and time and it was definitely a problem for me., so I decided that it is more reasonable for a date to come from the server that I have attached to the NTP server 😉 The log system is made to distinguish my restarts and so on, I'm a curious kid, it's good to know 😉 the receiver that I have previously compiled from the database 😉 Well, in general and not so general lines is this

Today I was just wondering what to write and came across something quite interesting NUKI is already known and at least 1 romanian hihihihi I have a visit related to NUKI from Romanian google 🙂 Lots of fun

Nuki – Dreambox monitoring system

And soon I will release the new version of NUKI with a lot of changes, supposedly small and quite serious, now it is in testing and if in a few days it shows good results, I clear the bugs and release it 🙂

ps It may have been a bit of a pointless post, but let me poison your nerves 😈