Hello, I haven't written for a long time, that I had some heavy ones 5 daily parties 😆 and I almost didn't have time to be in real shape, that I scribble meaningful things 😈 But anyway this is a topic for some next post 😉 For now I will work on looking at the topic of open source firmware for routers (routers). I have mentioned it several times so far dd-wrt as my personal favorite, but less than a week ago our boy gat3way discovered brutal security bug in its software, which made me take some of the other projects more seriously. In particular, I stopped at tomato which was given to me by my friend Joro Filipov.

Switching from one software to another was a hassle straight from the upgrade part, there was no need for additional screws. After installing the “tomatoes” I was impressed by its clean interface. In general, I have always preferred something simple as a design, not something crowded. As a beauty definitely dd-wrt leads and tomato looks like it was created by me – 2-3 colors, but for some it's beautiful 😉 . The other thing that made a big impression on me was the very few possibilities – he misses around 40% from its various server havi and other things that dd-wrt has. However, I give, on the other hand, it works much easier 😉 So the defect can be an effect. It's a pleasant surprise, that tomato comes with described ports for better p2p traffic and with allowed UPnP . It also makes an impression, that tomatoes support slightly higher transfer speeds over a wireless connection, I didn't test it because I don't have much time, but I think there is still something to be optimized. Minus is the support of the small range of devices unlike dd-wrt, tomato works on quite a limited number of devices, I hope this fact will change in the future 😉 Also a minus is quite a complicated filter of traffic limitation (I like it, but some uneducated people will be glazed). Another downside is the lack of overclocking of the router's processor, although I read about spells through the console 😉 . Overall, this is a relatively synthesized and simplified comparative review between the two software, Personally, I like the tomato more, but there are still others like it that I haven't tested 😉

I don't know if any of you suffer from insomnia, but he is a frequent visitor to me. I hadn't had such a severe form since I was relatively devoted – for a whole week I was half asleep half awake with a strong lack of concentration. For strangers who have only heard of the movies, things look like this – you are asleep while you are awake and you are awake while you are asleep. The world seems to be moving more slowly, stretches in space incredibly much. You try to sleep and fall asleep and soon you wake up and so on until it's time to get up. When you wake up, guess how alert you are 😀 In general, according to the well-written material in the wiki 😉 I suffer from mild to severe insomnia. 😀 Sometimes I have a feeling, that I look at the world through a protective screen as if it were one – away from me and I have any lack of concentration. I came home from work too little – on foot and I had a feeling, that I will fall asleep on the road. Male fuck and fucking condition with 2 words you sleep constantly and you can't sleep. One of the safest ways I've found is to cut yourself to the max 😉 preferably with hard alcohol, that beer makes her belly swell . There is some dependence between my headaches, strange dreams and insomnia – everything comes together 🙄 In general it had decreased before I had a monthly cycle, now from time to time for a few weeks. I think so, that heat is the cause, but whatever is not among the most- nice things 🙂

So the work goes on 😉 I have a new version of NUKI the main improvement is, that rules on when to restart the receiver. I have used for this purpose nc by lifting it to the port 666 😈 and throws logos through it before restarting. In order for the nc to be raised while the cron is running for logging in the dreams, I wrote script which rotates in an infinite cycle nc because after each connection to it closes with the end of the transfer. The script itself is short and clear enough if you want to change the ports and the place where to write the file 🙂.

These for a long time “sleeping boxes” they bother my health 🙂 In particular, they work, work and at some point the receiver crashes and requires a restart of the CAM module. In my case I use newcs and mgcamd to decode the programs and when I crashed a program the mgcamd process was overloaded developing values ​​of the order of 80-90% borrowing CPU power 🙂 Clearly there was already a disease there was a symptom and I only needed medicine 😉 nice but my little ones 500s don't have a large capacity of commands for example ps there is no u argument top there is no -p etc. we really hate busybox 😆 Enough nonsense let me get to the bottom of it 🙂 All the necessary information is contained in the folder /proc after a lot of reading back and forth and after help from my good friend ShadowX without which I would not have been able to come to the following wonderful script cry 🙂 Also my friend Nathariel who put up with my buzz all the time 😉 hah typically for me i start explaining something i start second third and fifth 🙂 hahahaha So enough nonsense but let me brag about how cool a programmer I am съм

The most important construction in the script is

# Get usage cpu time
cputime=`cat /proc/uptime | awk '{print $1}' | sed 's/\.//'`
# Get process usage cpu time
proctime=`cat /proc/${procpid}/stat | awk '{t = $14 + $15;print t}'`
# wait 5 seconds
sleep 5
# get usage cpu time, again
cputime2=`cat /proc/uptime | awk '{print $1}' | sed 's/\.//'`
# get process usage cpu time, again
proctime2=`cat /proc/$procpid/stat | awk '{t = $14 + $15;print t}'`
# calculate process usage cpu time over total usage cpu time as percentage
# limit exceed check
echo CPU usage for PID $procpid is $cpu
if [ $cpu -gt $MAX ];

in general I have described it well with comments as a good child 😉 Generally this is the heart of the script takes a value from / proc / process id / stat and then reads the value 5 seconds later. The calculation formula is crystal clear to understand and a sophomore will solve it easily. Something very important to emphasize is, that the script uses ash which is quite unpleasantly shredded if you are used to all the lignans of bash 😉 In the page of the script I have described in detail the technology of work and the logic of use. I will enjoy the reviews recommendations and bug report, because one head is not enough 🙂

As I already told you, the mania is shaking me in my first personal car. I started inspecting cars on Saturday, first I was in Sofia and saw a great preserved car with a big but, according to people who understand a lot there are problems with the engine. Otherwise, as a vision and flying capabilities, I am already convinced, that this is my car. 😆 The feeling of driving it is abnormally strong, it's like having sex with sex 😉 Today I was in Plovdiv to see another. True, it is a little older than the first one, with a little more remarks on the appearance, but with a readable engine and metallic paint and very cool stops 🙂 Overall fact, that it is a little older there is nothing to worry about as long as the engine is readable. I will not stop looking but in general I see how things are – this is not a mass car like a ford, opel or fiat, this model is quite difficult to find and if it is found in the new year with an air conditioner it is quite difficult especially with the engine I want 😈 So if I dig it at least it can fly 😉 Not that at a later stage it will not suffer serious modifications but let her be born “strong”. As long as I poisoned you with fixed ideas as you already know, a demon lives in me, just waiting for some cool fixed idea and gnawing at me from the inside until it's done