I've been making a firewall for my office for a few days now, because so far I have used masquerading of IPs and I have to spend everything through SNAT, Abe confused and и I just had to rewrite all the router logic. As I like to say said done, I wrote it to the firewall, everything works fine, now it's time to cut the ports of the IPs that have access and which do not. I felt sick realizing I had to write about 40 access rules, it's just copying and pesit is not a hava. Then the programmer in me spoke, well, just to make them. Everything was clear – the idea in 2 separate files I write ports and IPs are read, permission rules are created and everything else is cut. The code itself turned out quite a bit “thin” even unexpectedly small

##Allow and DROP ip and ports
while read PORT
while read IP
$IPT -A INPUT -p tcp -s $IP --dport $PORT -j ACCEPT
done < /etc/firewall/allow_ip
$IPT -A INPUT -p tcp --dport $PORT -j DROP
done < /etc/firewall/ports

Скриптчето е адски ясно цикъл в цикъла първия чете от /etc/firewall/ports a втория от /etc/firewall/allow_ip и се създават правилта 🙂

ps Заради синктактичното оцветяване не се показва корекно знака < and its html equivalent is displayed &lt;

As an IT geek, I know a lot of people in the field. viewnior. The program is used to view photos. The author is extremely light and dubious Siyan Panayotov it improves steadily often 😉 . On the site for her you can see his future goals, the program is currently in version 0.4. The installation is in the normal way ./confgure && make install 🙂 I have an idea to help him port packages, but it will be in the distant future that porting yourself is a miserable job 🙂 The necessary things you need are automake and gtk2 + dev libraries.

ps Young people, keep us happy in the same spirit.

The concert has already been officially canceled. 🙁 РРРРРРР адски много съм разочарован, I was so inspired. Overall, it's hard for me to define my favorite band, but to be honest Depeche is a contender number 1 за тази титла. Уф, my mood was spoiled by such a nice afternoon. I will definitely go to Guano Apes but this does not compensate for the loss. I hope they come up with another date, although looking at the dates as they are filled, but nothing is known I will keep my fingers crossed and that's it. Congratulations to the bereaved 🙁

God, how I love to communicate with people from other countries. I get a hell of a lot of music, culturally, more acquaintances are not a bad thing. I have been communicating with a young lady from Ukraine for several days, which I asked to open for some Ukrainian music 🙂 there is simply no way to know everything especially in a situation, that most famous groups must be very commercial, to be broadcast en masse. So in general today he showed me the unique piece

The group is called Luke and the piece is Sakhalin. I'll shake the torrents to see what these guys have that they've released a lot albums And something important is sung in Ukrainian, not in Russian 😈

Friends A LOT A LOT thank you. Yesterday we have a new record for visits

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To me, that's a hell of a compliment, as well as for my humble blog. This is one of the moments when I remember why I started it. I started everything almost as a joke I was going to make a website for my company friends for a while, but due to laziness and a little time I did nothing and decided to explode a blog and so for a long time. It was special for my pet after I moved it to my own hosting 🙂 And do you want me to tell you where the name comes from on the site 😉 you must have been wondering 😉 So our people had a nickname for our company the slow digging 😉 (the word comes from the more colorful expression for testicle ) and so came the name of the site. Once again a big bold underline THANK YOU for your interest in my small schizophrenic personality and the sick writings on this blog 😀