As you know for a long time some dreamboxes make my life miserable 🙂 Sometimes it crashes the CAM module for no apparent reason and it is necessary to restart it or sometimes even the whole receiver. In general, the receivers have a good web interface for management and everything is done easily through it, BUT (great but) it is possible to use it only when I am in the office because I hid them behind the router there. In general, the only control option was to ssh to the router and then to the telnet receivers.. However, I recently learned that receivers can accept commands from external scripts reflecting on the cgi-bin directory. About/cgi-bin / admin?command=reboot will restart the receiver. Great, right 😉 In general, I quickly ran a php to execute commands on the receivers, BUT I had another problem – authentication. It asks for a username and password via the web – normal thing but it would have taken a lot of writing if they hadn't given me the idea to try the old way of authorization by submitting information in url http://root:@ dreambox dreambox / cgi-bin / admin?command=reboot and work 🙂 from now on things are clear 🙂

function exe_command($dreambox,$command){
 $result = @fsockopen("$dreambox", 80 , $errno, $errstr, 4); //check if dreambox is accessble ovear lan
 if($result) {
 echo "Command executed for $dreambox";
 @fopen("http://root:[email protected]$dreambox$command","r");
 echo "Bad no access to $dreambox";

This is my main function in the control panel the other is the validation of variables and html generators.

ps Here it is and almost complete list with the commands supported by the receiver 🙂 You can also imitate button presses again with similar commands 🙂 if some are interested in whistling

On this beautiful sunny Saturday I woke up relatively early and wondered what to do 😉 I'm not at work, I'm lazy what better job to look sympathetic. A few days ago a friend recommended it to me Yes Man from 3 exceptional soundtrack. Sometimes it's weird how one of you sits and smiles at something as imaginary as watching a movie, for example. How it affects you and makes you in a good mood. I highly recommend it I watched it in HD quality was unique. One of the really good movies lately. Strong acting and especially Jim Carrey with a stable presence, a little older but still good and most importantly not some of those rough squids he makes ;). Here is one of your 3 songs 😉