Today I changed the firmware of a Linksys WRT54Gs v7 🙂 In general, the model is great, with one exception, the boot firmware must be rewritten. in ordinary flashing, rewrite only the specific area with firmware. If you do not realize what the danger is let me say so if you fuck the software that serves your router there is always a second who takes care of the basic booting processes and rescue is easy 😉 In this case I touched on what provided me protection ahahaha if the current flashes or something like that bye bye router or not at all 😉 If everything is married and there is no ultimate salvation, the router is opened and flashed with a jTag cable. Well, fortunately for me, I didn't have to go through hell 😉 I followed quite specifically instructions and dumb problem. My general advice is if you are buying from the GS series do not do it because 2 main reasons their romche is small and only fits the trimmed versions of dd-wrt not that it's a big loss but I'm a maniac and if you like them 20-30 kint for GL series choose your router revision 1-4 because they don't need to rewrite the boot. If you still have the WRT54GS version >4 better ask a friend who is not afraid to touch firmly and boldly on the router 😉 and be sure to carry a jTag cable that you do not know what can happen 😈

Now let me treat you to a fun piece from an even funnier movie “The New Guy

In principle, I have noticed that the new Linux kernels are always faster than the old ones, the system performance improves. Abe is called one of the few new but well-functioning things. Today I updated the core of my modest itch and was almost stunned by the effect. Frame consumption fell by 10-15% which in my case is quite a lot. The machine is equipped with only 3x64MB frame ;). Until now, the machine worked with 2.6.18-6 version that I upgraded to 2.6.26-1. The machine is currently on 84% ram unlike before when it was almost constantly on 98% 😉 Not that I had any problems with the frame even though it was so loaded but its positive positive.

CRD uni-web. Today my good friend's company does 1 year. I know how difficult and difficult it was, but I also know that it was worth it. I know it was hard and not at all easy, just like a small child, he is one year old. 😉 I also wish to celebrate more 101 years and then the children and grandchildren to own the corporation 😉 I wish the company more and more expensive projects 😉 to make it a market leader. I wish the second year the success of the company to be several times in the past. Once again, cheers and cheers

I fucked myself about a week ago bioaccount I'm less oligophrenic on my computer 😉 I mean, first I ignored all security measures and second because I'm an idiot 😀 In general, things looked pretty bad, but it turned out to be nice, that the rhombus for the bios is on the base вите the new ones don't make them almost like that, which I'm very happy about, because otherwise desolder the toy and leave it not. Today I have time after work to grab a person I know has a programmer, fortunately for me, the rum turned out to be more than perfect – standard with 8 feet abe perfectly. We start reprogramming it something gives us the wrong ID ба fucking movie. At one point, the man changed the power supply to the programmer and everything was fine. For 10 min I had a rewritten bios :mrgreen: 😀

The second thing was that today I had time to single source the leaves the server and get him tested and squeeze the mirrors, that lenny is already stable нали And I don't like it so I prefer a little newer things. I edited and gave him upgrades, Male Male Almost all packages have been updated, fuck and if it will work 🙄 Well, there is only one way to find out, I frowned and began to wait 🙂 And oh the world recovered, that she loaded the SUPER machine faster! Already haivana is still with tetoning packages 😉 let's not learn stable ligatures.

ps here's her song 😉

Guess what I'm going to spam your heads for 😉 About social groups and my participation in them 😀 you didn't guess right до In general, I'm quite an antisocial being and in general I'm like that in the virtual network. Excluding the forums in most of which I hardly take part, there is only one social site in which I take part – Last.FM 🙂 I hate all kinds of nonsense like facebook, myspace and all sorts of such societies. I prefer to leave my prodigal soul alone so as not to be preoccupied with the antics of others, let them keep them for others. Now I'm not going to write to spit on these sites, I just wanted to share that I'm already a member of the aforementioned site, how soon will they become around 2 years and over the weekend I just found a wonderful extra in it 😳 you can listen to a musician from it and at the same time quite a whole 😳 Absolute shame! Such a wonderful feature – you can listen to what others have listened to listen to some things that are recommended to you or to your music “neighbours”, of groups and performers abe options pain. And I was so tired of what I was listening to 😉 meaning it's hard for me to find music that resembles my refined taste 😎 ahahahahahahahahahahaha or my tie too. Now I have played my neighbors' radio and I already have a new hit of the Russian singer Dolphin 😉 It's damn nice to hear a song that makes you happy, you can still hear the artist's click 2-3 where they enjoy and immediately in the torrents the whole discography 😉 if not just a click on the next rag and so a strong click 😆

ps I almost forgot to treat myself to something nice 😉

ps2 whether not to make a page with music on it with some selected videos and so on… I'll think about it