Have you seen my look?? Of course you are. Have you seen me look at you?, how I sigh in equal tone with you. Have you seen in my soul how crazy I jump. Of course you are. Виждала ли си другите как ги гледам. Виждал ли си как женските погледи замръзват в мен? Have you seen me freeze in you?? Have you seen me dance with you?, how I tenderly embrace and kiss you? Have you seen me secretly fond of you?, I may be. Have you seen how much I miss you without having you? Have you seen my wake-up kiss?? Of course you are. Have you seen me undressed with a look, and how I dress you? Have you seen how we play monopolies? Have you seen my hand brushing your hair?? Have you seen my dreams??!? No, you're not.

This wonderful Saturday night I'm at home and out of nowhere I had to do to update my topic that it was 2 versions back 😆 overall nice that I know which file where I picked it all went pretty smoothly I just forgot to do 2 fix on the css and an additional setting 🙂 Definitely the topic fixes a lot of annoying bugs for example search bar before it was a curve and misaligned now things look a lot smoother

I've been using Firefox 3.1beta2 for a week, I can't complain about the browser at all. It's great for speed. At least 2-3 times faster a little lightened linux option that was hellishly bad even more than skype ;). I just had to disable the add-on compatibility check, which is super easy. When a new tab is opened and the address bar is written about:config Then right-click and click new->boolean for a name you put extensions.checkCompatibility and value you choose false And you're done

A few days ago, my layout was stopped after updating my sid. Very annoying but I was too lazy to fix it because I have to separate some 30 sec to rewrite xorg.conf-a 🙂 In general, I rewrote it in advance by using the information from here 😉 In general, the procedure is super simple. I was impressed that I had the following in xorg.conf 2 order

Option         "XkbLayout"             "us,that"
Option         "XkbOptions"            "altwin:super_win"

Probably the problem came from them 🙂 I commented to them that I didn't want to test if they were the problem.

Very bad day. In general, nothing who knows what did not happen, I just feel rotten. It's as if something broke in me, or not rather as if some has boiled a metal lever in me and is trying to make whatever it catches. I haven't felt this way in a long time. What's worse is that I can't think of any obvious reason to feel that way. Everything seems to suffocate me, as if pressing me. Things don't look the way they should. Music doesn't sound good to me, my computers are boring, the conversations are uninteresting to me, and when I do nothing, things are even worse.