The weather this year is super crazy. There has never been such a crazy winter. First some very high temperatures and until late. At one point they fell sharply and it snowed briefly. Then I didn't drive crazy cars for a whole week 😉 After that, is it normal to have some heat again 18 degrees in mid-January. Отделно че и дъжд валя ебаси зима и дъжд 🙂 И днес едно такова мрачно и пак се оптива да скапва луда работа отвсякаде. I hope people think this is not normal at all and realize global warming. I personally do not know how I help with this thing, although I have a clear idea about it. With certainty, however, measures must be taken now, it will not be surprising if it snows heavily again, etc..

I read that scientists would conduct a large-scale experiment to alleviate the effect by feeding the plankton in a large area in the ocean from Cape New Hope to an unmemorable place ка They would feed it and thus cause rapid flowering, which in turn will exhaust the harmful gases and dying by falling to the bottom to drag them with him 🙂 Well sounding but critics said it could have the opposite effect of this tumultuous flowering. We definitely need to do something or we need to start looking for a new planet.

male sometimes how annoyed. how can there be so many impudent people. I come home after work gorgi and they insist that I do some work for them. what's worse is that they insist that you do the work of their friends and so on. the dumbest thing is that my friends are writing to me and they are looking for me only when I have to give them another smart piece of advice in the computer field and they haven't played to drink a beer. sometimes they even send with intent without even taking one at a time, I don't work for money after work, I only do services for friends, and sometimes I get more. I'm glad that in most cases I don't have to go soon. people are really weird they think everything comes for free, that working on a computer makes your job easier. but they have no idea how much they lie, you have to make decisions to look for new ways to read, to self-destruct, to move those brain ganglia where they don't burden you with more than 3-4%. that they have any idea what it's like to have a headache because you can't decide because thousands depend on it 🙂 if they have more headaches it's because they've sat too much in the sun or beer during the lunch break. of such a pessimistic and confused turn out I'm just in a very naughty mood

Last week we built a local network of a school and launched the Internet through them 2 linksys wrt54gl as usual my expectations were justified by a lot of problems with both routers once again linksys did not disappoint me with their weak software and hellishly sad that they are a subsidiary of cisco 🙂 In general, I have never been biased towards technology, except for hp and linksys, but in both cases I have more than enough reasons to say so.. In general, the problems revolved around the fact that routers lost their settings completely or completely almost every day.. Also from time to time if they have not accidentally lost the settings if they disconnect from their pppoe connection then they did not want to re-hook although their option turned out to be explicitly at 1 min no connection to reconnect. Their power supplies were working. The substation is located in the school yard so there is little electricity or nasty fluctuations in it – excluded quite illogical things. Today I decided to change their software with which they work with some Linux 😉 . There are a lot of projects in general from friends I know on the subject I know are the best Tomato, OpenWRT and DD-WRT. After reading the first and last were with pretty good GUI capabilities and the second was oriented more towards more hardened Linux users 🙂 . I saw it once “the tomato” and in general I know that its capabilities are good but a friend who is well ahead with the matter told me to try the dd-wrt., having previously checked for your router which one is right. In my case, I had to download 2 the file one mini and the other standard, first I went with the mini to unlock the frame and then with the normal file so that everything is fine. In general I can't say how the router works but 100% better than before it is still on Linux 😉 :I can only comment on the software capabilities and they are more than stunning from absolute statistics for all speeds, connection packages, etc. to… options where they are in routers for 1000$ and up really more than a pleasant surprise is all that can pptp server, vlan’s, like, loopback deteckt, the possibility for console work is possible through the gui or through telnet or ssh more than convenient and easy 😉 in general I looked at the software around 20 min and I couldn't fill everything but definitely dd-wrt is more than a good choice. If your router is in the supported hardware do not hesitate to change your old company software 🙂 you will get more than you can use.

Of before 3 days I decided to upgrade the host machine, that is, to replace it with a new one. But apparently he was not quite successful. In general, the machine that was supposed to be the new host is 3200+ from 512 drr @ 400 with my favorite asus bottom 🙁 but it wasn't written. I stop the old machine, transfer the hard drive to the new one and start for the port, switch to a different architecture, I still don't know how to transfer without loss. And I decide to reinstall with my old netinstall CD but it doesn't work I decide it's too scratched. Svealyam new again the same hava I change cables tovati that thing and at one point the screen blinked and my machine crashed 🙄 I comb and there is no one I start to pick up cables ram no one. Fuck! I decided it was a carat video because of the blinking that happened 🙂 I found another video I'm playing another unpleasant surprise- no one is. SUX I found my pci video card from a friend who deals with repairing steigers and I try again none и work thick change ram cpu none. During this yesterday my greasy machine is doing some misery and after a quick cleaning everything is messing with it at least 🙂 The stupid thing is that now I'm back with the old anemic machine and I would like to do various palms streaming havi. Cheers, I'll find some socet a and then 🙂 If someone has a readable one with a DDR memory to whistle I accept offers 😉

ps Sorka for my incompetence, I hope you missed me 😈

Well, finally my first blog for 2009 appeared 🙂 I had started writing some but it's still in beta 😉 and I'm a little tired of finishing 😳 In general, a very ordinary evening with two interesting exceptions 🙂

Първо разбрах че си имам двоиник- it was an absolute shock to me 🙂

Damn, he looks like me in my teens, but he's plumper. Ста This picture in my head makes me think a lot of interesting things., whether he has the same interests, wishes a name 🙂 In general I understood that the young man is on 17 or 18 and he wants to study medicine, obviously the similarities were only partial 🙂 and we had the same look as a piinel 😆 😎

Secondly, I heard a very nice song. It's so hard to find good music now. The song is by the French trio Telepopmusik and the song itself is called Breathe 🙂 Enjoy IT