I haven't clicked for a while slackware so I have a little skill to lift and see what people have done 😉 I put it on 12.1 the last I believe and in general nothing surprising as always slaka was a stable and fast distribution 🙂 A lot of changes have been made for example it comes with the ntfs-3g driver built, they are glued to the lilac picture for a more beautiful 😉 black and white gray typical colors 🙂 In general, everything works as it should. Then I started looking for a package manager generally the choice was limited to slack-get and slackpkg. Following the advice of the old slacker ShadowX, I chose slackpkg, as he put it “slapt-get smells”, which I saw for myself 😉 managed to break the system extremely well with various packages 🙂 separately that it does not handle the names of the packages very well. In contrast, slackpkg works extremely correctly and flawlessly. Then the dilemma was which Gnome to install whether droplone or GSB in general I was advised to put dropline even though it is beta but I chose the second white from where it comes and my experience with slapt-get 🙂 generally the system broke and I had to rub with slackpkg hihihihi I will listen to the advice in the future 😉 In general its quite well done and everything works without bugs and errors in general it remains only to play a compiz to enjoy the colorful 😎 As a slack society has a tool good enough and reliable as apt without dealing with redundant compilations and filling in dependencies. I was extremely pleased and may rethink my favorite distro policy

Last week I had problems with a machine that various processes stopped it due to electric shocks, it was stopped by electricity, but EVN hits 😉 At such moments the machine recovers but some secondary processes require manual intervention and so for one day I had to 5-6 times to come in to adjust things. 🙂 As people say, laziness is the main driving force and because of that I rolled up my sleeves to write a script to make sure that the processes are there when needed 🙂 ;)Said done for 30 min with the testing we got a short violin whose moving heart is

CNT=`ps ax | grep -v grep| grep jic-tak | wc -l`

if [ $CNT = 0 ]
/path/to/start/process/jik-tak > /dev/null


in general this heart takes care to check how many jik-tak processes started and if the result is zero 🙂 to start it. I pushed it into a crown to run on 20 min and I decided hernia headache as my friend ShadowX said the truth is simple solutions 😉

Are there times when you just want to say fuck, he didn't bother me. You later realize that I insulted people for no reason just because it's black in front of your eyes today. Because those idiots are without a hat or someone took your favorite chewing gum before you. Often people are selfish and arrogant, just like that, take everything for granted and that everything will be as yesterday last day…. But sometimes we hurt, even in that invisible way people are hurt, and damn it just sometimes it's too late or too early a “sorry i didn't want i was a dumb piece of sorka”. At times we do crazy things and senselessly regret or hide reasons in others “but the fool saw him” instead of looking at ourselves and in this hellish real moment looking in the mirror to see beyond the skin the flesh and blood, to find out if you really like what you see. Is this the best- the good you can give / receive. Do you feel satisfied with yourself. If the answer is yes welcome to the wonderful world. And if not “Kansus is no longer the same Dorothy” take the blue pill baby look at yourself in the eyes of others 🙂 not hairy or shaggy or blushing or… countless epithets. Just look at yourself.

ps What is written in the post is written in absolute dementia, relationships with active people or events are absolutely accidental 🙂 just a little messy thoughts 🙂

In general, the idea is begging different people send me various funny links or I come across such and I always forget to share them with the world, is the most settled I found the rational way, or not only the time will show 😉 So far there is 2 videos

Enjoy It

I decided to use Sunday afternoon for a little chewing 🙂 I took it off Microsoft Windows 7 32Bit Build 6801 🙂 and I let it install on my virtual machine, as well as I set aside 12GB hard disk space and 1GB RAM, Debian Sid host. In general, the installation is quite normal, as well as complete 😆 the installer has the same interface that Windows Vista uses. In general, the installation went relatively quickly, faster than the worms I installed, but not for 3 min as long as Sidux is installed on my machine 😈 Then the first login again in the familiar way on Vista asks for a name and password. And I logged in… hmmm at first glance clean vista with a wider task bar and a little better looking 🙂 on the second third and fourth too Vista is his shit. In general, I did not notice any drastic change in the folders and settings, etc. from the previous version. The vision that is the most- the insignificant stage for the assembly development of the operating system did not excite me much 🙂 The settings, etc. are made in an almost uniform way. I was unpleasantly surprised that there was no VPN support, may appear in the final version because a lot of people in jitsin use VPN networks to connect to their workplace 😉 In general, after about 10 min work managed to give me the wonderful inscription Not Responding while I was reconfiguring the IPs of the link and so I managed to spend 10 minutes then a long troubleshooting wizard started (understandably this is a beta people need to be aware of their bugs) Overall, I liked how it worked in a few very rare moments, managed to reach the limits of CPU power, which I had allocated 2.6Ghz, the frame maintained levels around 350 ~ 600MB, which I think is a lot, given that I am almost no psaukl programs, mainly explorer. I didn't see many programs in the beta, that's why it was of dubious size 2.32 GB although there is an ultimate edition. Overall a little summary the beta is quite unstable unsupported old devices like AC’97 audi emulated with the virtual bus and didn't catch it anyway 2 type of Intel-ski links. Quite cumbersome and heavy it seemed to me that although I did not try it on my normal machine I think we will not see anything who knows how much better than Windows Vista, but there is plenty of time until the final release and the boys from M $ can try 😆 🙄 😈 … Hardly