For some time his nsam Tush slackware Hey so a little skil to answer and to see what people have done 😉 I put my 12.1 the last verisâ and generally nothing surprising as always slaka was stable and fast distribution 🙂 is, for example, suffered changes invaded B comes with ntfs-3g draivera bildnat, tacking on have picture liloto for a beautiful 😉 black white gray typical colors 🙂 in general everything works properly. Then I started looking for a batch Manager basically the choice is limited to slapt-get and slackpkg. After the Board chose old Slacker slackpkg ShadowX, as he put it, “slapt-get smells”, I convinced myself that 😉 did extremely well to break sistemkata with some packages not separately 🙂 is doing quite well with the names of the packages. In contrast, slackpkg works extremely accurately and reliably. Then dilemta was what Gnome to install if droplone or GSB overall, I was advised to put a dropline although it is beta but I chose the second comes from vaitn and my experience with slapt-get 🙂 generally break system and trâbvaaše to rub with slackpkg hihihihi will listen in the future in the Councils 😉 overall GNOME is quite well made and everything works without bugs and errors generally stay only to put a compiz to enjoy šerenii 😎 as the slack society has tool enough good and reliable as the apt No activities with unnecessary compilations and pop″lsvane of dependencies. Extremely pleased I stayed and maybe you will rethink its policy of a favorite distro 😉

Last week I had a problem with a machine that processes it for some stopping power surges because of her current ever stop Abe EVN hits 😉 in takvia times the machine turn but some secondary processes require manual intervention and so one day I had 5-6 times to get to donaglasâ things. 🙂 As they say laziness is a major dvžeŝa force and such and I zapretnah drasn sleeves to some script that to ensure that the processes are there when you need 🙂 ;)Have done for 30 min with get skripčtče short testinga whose heart is circulating

CNT=`ps ax | grep -v grep| grep jic-tak | wc -l`

if [ $CNT = 0 ]
/path/to/start/process/jik-tak > /dev/null


overall this heart care to check how running process-jik tak and if the result is zero 🙂 to start it. I hit it in a Crohn's can run on 20 min and I decided as my glvaoboliâ keel said the truth is mate ShadowX simple solutions 😉

Are there times when you just want to tell you mainata, No zanimavai was p″rcal. Eventually you realize that the people called for no reason just because today's black. Because that guy is smotanâh without a hat or a favorite chewing gum you took before you. Often people behave selfishly and arugantno, just like that, take everything for granted and that everything will be like yesterday the last day…. But sometimes hurt, even on that invisible way people hurt them, and shit just sometimes too late or too early and “I'm sorry I didn't mean I was stupid piece sorka”. In a few moments we do foolish things and meaningless sorry or looking for reasons other “well it did fool” instead of look at yourself in this incredibly true moment to take a look in the mirror to see beyond skin flesh and blood, to see if you really like what you see. If that is the- good thing you can give/get. You feel odovletvoren by myself. If the answer is Yes, welcome to the wonderful world. And if you don't “Kansas is no longer the same Dorothy” взима синьото хапче беиби погледни се виж се в очите на другите 🙂 а не космат или рошав или изрусен илибезброи епитети. Просто се поглени.

ps Написаното в поста е написано в абслютна деменция, връзки с деитвителни лица или случки са абсолютно случаини 🙂 просто малко разхвърляни мисли 🙂

Като цяло идеята е просичка разни хора ми пращат разни забавни линкове или попадам на таквиа и все забравям да ги споделя с света, е най посел открих рационалния начин, или не най ще покаже само времето 😉 Засега има 2 клипчета

Enjoy It

I decided to use Sunday afternoon for a little chovarchkvaniya 🙂 downloaded your Microsoft Windows 7 32Bit Build 6801 🙂 and I dropped it to install on my virtual machine, and set aside a 12GB hard disk space and 1GB of RAM, хостната на Debian Sid. Overall installation quite normal, and finished 😆 installer is the same interfeis who benefit from Windows Vista. Overall installation went relatively quickly, by barzichko of worms where I installed, but not for 3 min as Sidux installed on my machine 😈 then login first again in the familiar way to Vista-minute asks for name and parolka. And I entered into the system… hmmm seemingly clean vista with a wide Task bar and a little good-looking 🙂 second and third quarters and likewise Vista is shit. Overall nezablezah a cardinal change in the folders and Setting-up and so on from the previous version. The vision that is most- humungous stage for Montana razvietie of the operating system does not bother me particularly 🙂 adjusts and so on are made in much the way edintichen. I was unpleasantly surprised that nyaashe VPN support, Maybe it will appear in the final version because a lot of people in dzhitsenie used to connect to your workplace VPN networks 😉 Generally after about 10 min operation succeeded my lovely inscription Not Responding while prenastroivah IP-th of Lanka and so was able to spend 10 minutes then began a long advisor trabalshuting (understand that this is a beta people should be aware of their bugs) Overall I liked how worked in some very rare now managed to reach the limits of processing power and which was separated 2,6Ghz support multi Ramtha about 350 ~ 600MB which I think is much given that nearly Yes, there psuakl proggrami mainly Explorer picking directory. In beta unsighted have many programs and so far left was a suspicious size 2.32 GB although water ultimeit edshan. Generally less SUMMARY beta is pretty unstable nepodazhashta old ustroistva naprime AC'97 audio izemulirah virtual Shashi and caught him and to 2 Intel-type ski Lanka. Quite cumbersome and heavy it thought it was though not normally tried on my machine I think we will not see something who knows how much better than Windows Vista, but to the final riliiz has DOSA time and can momcheteta M $ to try 😆 🙄 😈 … Hardly