🙂 I changed my hosting again this time 100% is the last 😉 The machine is located on 1 meter from me ahahahahaha so I have nowhere else to move 😉 If you are impressed the url address has changed 😉 You can use the old redirection or straight url which is a real domain not very meaningful but…. when I have more money I will buy a domain for now I will drive like this 😉 The new hosting is mind-boggling ahahahahaha Pentium 3 with 3x64MB ram 😉 ahahahahahaha I'll give it if I have time I'll put some more ram otherwise I equipped it with lighthttpd for web server php it runs like fastcgi 😉 I just couldn't think of a way to use something lighter for SQL Lightsql's WordPress to stick to his door 😉 Now I'm in a bit of a hurry with the server transfers and I won't explain in detail but a little later I can call how to make a web server with the above attributes 🙂

I added a translator for the blog to translate my posts into foreign languages, that I already have a lot of visits from foreign blogs and various others, it is also a prestige. Unfortunately, it only works with one of my posts, which is really annoying given that I saw it work very correctly with other sites.. Apparently, where is the submission of the info photo to the Google API. I will see what I will do or I will fix the bug or I will rewrite it completely according to my needs.

Before 1-2 weeks I think it came out OpenOffice 3 🙂 and in the afternoon I had some time left to try something to try and how I remembered to put it to test 🙂 In general it was not in my storage and I used Debian Sid and I hoped that it would be available but not н I went to the site and I was offered a download package, but I'm not going to compile a Debian blah. A vague memory that I saw it in deb format, I chose to pull it out of the mirror 🙂 there I saw the blessed package archive with the word deb in it this is my robber 🙂 I took it off and immediately unzipped it. In the folder DEBS are the required installation packages dpkg -i *.deb there is no one by one to pin it 🙂 and in the same directory there is another folder with the name desktop-integration as in which there is a pact I tried to install it but it exploded and this package is responsible for creating icons in the work environment 🙂 😈 in general this problem if it occurs and you can avoid it by creating your own launcher that leads to /opt/openoffice.org3/program/soffice and you're done 🙂 I may have exploded because the old version was installed 2.4 tomorrow I will test it if if I remove it completely I can install the blissful package 🙂 not that it prevents me from clicking on my launcher 😉 If you don't like the new office package you can remove it with the command

apt-get remove ooobasis3.0-base ooobasis3.0-binfilter ooobasis3.0-calc ooobasis3.0-core01 ooobasis3.0-core02 ooobasis3.0-core03 ooobasis3.0-core04 ooobasis3.0-core05 ooobasis3.0-core06 ooobasis3.0-core07 ooobasis3.0-draw ooobasis3.0-en-us ooobasis3.0-en-us-base ooobasis3.0-en-us-binfilter ooobasis3.0-en-us-calc ooobasis3.0-en-us-draw ooobasis3.0-en-us-help ooobasis3.0-en-us-impress ooobasis3.0-en-us-math ooobasis3.0-en-us-res ooobasis3.0-en-us-writer ooobasis3.0-gnome-integration ooobasis3.0-graphicfilter ooobasis3.0-images ooobasis3.0-impress ooobasis3.0-javafilter ooobasis3.0-kde-integration ooobasis3.0-math ooobasis3.0-onlineupdate ooobasis3.0-ooofonts ooobasis3.0-ooolinguistic ooobasis3.0-pyuno ooobasis3.0-testtool ooobasis3.0-writer ooobasis3.0-xsltfilter openoffice.org3 openoffice.org3-base openoffice.org3-calc openoffice.org3-dict-en openoffice.org3-dict-es openoffice.org3-dict-fr openoffice.org3-draw openoffice.org3-en-us openoffice.org3-impress openoffice.org3-math openoffice.org3-writer openoffice.org-ure

If you were able to install the desktop integration package

apt-get remove openoffice.org3.0-debian-menus

In general, I have pleasant impressions, the thinker loads faster than the old package, later I will look at the serious changes 🙂

ps Today I removed the old package and the new one is installed perfectly 🙂 the problem with desktop integration was due to the existence of the launch version

I was just coming home from work, a hell of a special night. The dark seemed to cling to you, there is a special scent of night. Once upon a time it was beautiful and mystical.

Today a colleague left us 🙁 in general in our small team we are hellishly well united and more or less purely collegial relations we have surpassed them. It was very hard to know that the person made the right choice and you want to be happy, but there is no way. You know you will miss him. I'm not angry at all, I know she made the right choice, they offered her a great job and her complete madness to refuse. She will be in Dubai on a business trip in a few days 🙂 😉 We will miss Kras, brought a positive light to our office 😎

I'm trying to start work on a serious project 🙂 generally straight first timid steps so I don't always be a mercenary. I really like the job and the company, but some days I just have to start working for myself 🙂 and the project “the boss's wife” must be implemented 🙄 😆 For now I will not release details about the project when I have a working beta I will play enough people we start tests 😉

Last night I decided to prepare my new server for my hosting that I plan to change the machine… abe is complicated to explain 🙂 In general, I installed a Debian net Install, and I started hooking it up with the necessary software. when I finished I turned off the machine and removed the CD drive and sealed the box and remembered that I had not made a setting on the WEB server and called to do it anyway I have no work 🙂 I turn on and see that something is charging and we got to Waiting for root file system 😈 What happened to the hard drive or the IDE cable?. I brush again and on the second restart I remember that I am an idiot 🙄 first during the installation my DVD was a master, I was too lazy to change the jumper and my hard drive was merged, secondly, after I remove the DVD, the hard drive automatically becomes a master device and the old designations lose their power. That is, during my installation the hard drive was hdb * then because it is the only device it becomes hda * 🙂 when starting Grub there is a possibility for additional options with the button “is” едитнах правилния път на стартиране после с бутонаbсе буутват новите опции. Воала зареди ми линуксчето. Слдващото нещо трябва да се орпавят нещата в /etc/fstab за да може да монтира правилно дяловете и можеби най- важното нещо да се оправят буут опциите на GRUB-а в /boot/grub/menu.lst In general, things there are intuitive, it changes with the right path of the hard drive and it's 😉 in general, nothing who knows how complicated or otherwise it's not, but I'm dumb 😎 then I finally set the hard drive to be a prime master so that I don't have problems attaching new hard, that i will need another one for backup. In general, my advice is usually to boot your hard drive as a primary master for an IDE or to have a SATA number 1 to save yourself the headaches if you ever remove / put on extra divas 😉