Over the weekend I had the big challenge of installing one HP TX 1000 Windows XP and he had Vista installed. Even before I started, I realized that my mission would not be easy, so I inspected the available hardware and saw basically what the machine is armed with. I visited the Hewlett-Packard site and piled on whatever I could., but at least I had drivers for wireless -a and with a wireless router. The reinstallation went quite smoothly and normally, expectedly did not recognize the lan car is still with Nvidia chipset :). I logged in and installed the wireless drivers HD Audio and so far so good 🙂 no surprises everything ok. Then I went to the Nvidia site to download the video driver and chipset to get to know the tape, having previously tried one of my sister's bottoms because she is Nvidia 6100 built-in and it was on the laptop 6150 and I decided, that it will happen. But alas, no reaction. With the driver from the site again too. Hmmm 😈 shit. Then I went straight to the net looking for info and something else hit a nut. At one point I remembered to play Everest to see what info he would steal from me about the video, it turned out to be Nvidia GO 6150 I start again, I enter the site and go to see drivers for the GO series and opa beam only for the 7th series 🙁 Damn (double)!!! I'm starting again by digging through the net, I came across a forum with guys with a problem like mine on other laptops. I tried around 10 link from the given drivers again nut. At one point I wondered if the map is not just Vista addict ма but it was for a while there are no such things, after all, XP is up to date, the OS is not a cat, let's say 98 😉 after some more digging I found a Spanish site where a guy had installed Windows Tablet Edition on a similar laptop Tx 1030 bingo 🙂 generally the differences are in the size of the display, the fingerprint scanner is this. Unfortunately I'm dumb and I didn't keep the link to the site 🙂 So I start pulling a diver for the video at one point I see that it's something quite modified creature and was in some additional packaging installer not the official from Nvidia I think it was something reversed but I can only guess. I didn't check and I don't understand his shit in Spanish. Then I folded the chipset driver, this time it was special, that it was some old hava, and was only for chipsets without graphics drivers. I already had a great working video and lan. I pulled one AMD Trution The driver mainly boils the battery 🙂 and I think that new technology is enough to create insufficient performance of the XP. Super verse left to put the tablet player HP Quick Play some internal stitching that makes you a DVD cover in tablet mode and use the quick buttons on the side of the display 🙂 still the keyboard is pressed by the display 😉 Hmm unpleasant surprise current latest version 3 is supported only for Vista and for XP there is only up to 2.3 I put it nicely 🙂 the program was good enough to inform me about the update that turned out to be on the site of http://www.cyberlink.com/ it turned out to be a real hava with HP 🙂 With a smile on my face I enjoyed the player 🙂 it worked great. There was only a modem which is some kind of Motorola, unfortunately the link on the site of my Spanish benefactor did not work, I dealt with Uncle Google relatively lazily after I asked for details :). I started the reinstallation to 11 and successfully attached to 17 afternoon 🙁 Hell of a long time for such a thing. It turned out to be a lot harder than I thought, but I was satisfied, that I realized that everyone fagots for money and a lot of money. In general, my advice for anyone who has decided to lose the Vista and put on the good old XP is to download all the drivers in advance. If you are not sure for some to check with Everest a hell of a good program for info on your hardware. In any case, he can look on the net to see if he has done it or will he be the laureate.
After finishing work, I enjoyed the full power of the machine. There was no longer the same one to eat a lot of meaningless resources

I am the most- the worst student in the world! I'm taking a break for the second year in a row, I didn't take any exams in the first one, abe complex hava. Today I went to fix my student status – that is, to keep my student rights and to take exams. Hmmm, my plan is to get to the maximum by the end of the 3rd semester 2 exam 😎 . So far, I haven't taken any exams – quite simple, I died in the act of dropping the teacher (dumb). Anyway, he thought, that it was time for me to grow up a little 😉 and dance I met some old colleagues and a colleague spat out the request ;). “Come on, help me do my exam work. We need to make a program similar to Paint.” 😀 how can I not be inspired to see when these people are leading elite programmers already 😉 4th year they have become 😛 Anyway, I thought to help a strata colleague with a flash drive, dark and learn it like people because I can't make a normal animation. But this is a lyrical deviation. In general, I was overwhelmed by melancholy memories from university. I'm a little tired and I can't write as eloquently as people do

Who says, that IE is a fagot I will honestly and honestly tell him that he is wrong – he is not an ordinary fagot but a fat old fagot. For half a week now I've been struggling with debugging the problems we've been creating since Java Script and dumb IE. My first unpleasant surprise was when I wrote an elementary one CSS to make the site look like something while working on it. I push myself and at one point I decide to check what it will show me under Explorer и and surprise and it is not pleasant at the same time the rendering of CSS and HTML-a 😆 So he didn't count correctly (it and I had defined a little incorrectly) link tag <a href who in this situation worked smoothly in FireFox but IE didn't read it as a link and then added <a href=” ” so that Explorer can create a blank link for me 🙂 not that I need empty links I just don't have them, JS writes (Java Script) to show me tooltip windows, so I use the title attribute of the tag <and>. OK, this is somewhat my fault 😉 But the next one is much more striking So I liked icons links with different icons for different types of streams. В FF (FireFox) look wonderful transparent borders and a slightly yellow as you pass the mouse from above abe cute 😉 However IE are still Ibe- he put an ugly blue border on me and didn't replace it in anyone's position 🙁 Ebassi and the pedal! I solved a problem by thinking of a variable with content “border =”0” ” and so if it is IE browser the agent is put border zero otherwise it remains the default value. Far more interesting is that when I tested whether this problem will occur in another browser – eater. Pederaz is just IE. Opera and Netscape do great with my CSS 😉 The last idiocy was on Saturday, when I made the funk for popup windows. Everything is under FF again 6+ however, at some point it starts thundering in IE. I lost a lot of nerves and found all day, a string variable does not read it as such and instead reads “Radio PRJ” IE reads it as 2 variables ;). It's good that he was a friend of a very capable programmer who would remember that he had encountered a similar problem with decommissioning and its stupidity.. Again, after tests with other browsers, the result was Internet Explorer- the biggest fagot of all time 🙂 So if you're making headlines the WPP window doesn't allow it to be more than 1 word (many see him more) 😀 😎 And instead of a conclusion I will say, that in my future work I will always do optimizations for FF and IE maybe someday I will even disable it from the supported browser types.