My sister's operating system went awry yesterday (Windows XP) and it was a good time to trick her into putting on Vista. I'm complaining about so many resources that I don't really have , I want to see her a little closer. And well, let's start with the installation. Initially boot with some new Boot Loader. Then came a beautiful graphic installation… and so far so good. Then he asked me to choose the type of Vista death I want to install – I think they were 7 possible choices. I immediately chose Ultimate because I heard it was the best, but if I were some lamer quite I would wonder 🙂 a black dot. Then a coin came to choose the hard drive I want to format and put the vista accordingly… damn it took me around 10 minutes to figure out how it works again, another black dot. OK going through this started the installation went smoothly and relatively quickly 🙂 . The first unpleasant impression was, that a familiarization of the hardware began just before entering the OS. It took a long time, but it was really impressive, grabbed all my hardware(HD Audio и Nvidia VGA и LAN) so I didn't have to install additional drivers, and the site does not work for the manufacturer at all ASROK . I will download drivers anyway just to get the site up and running, I don't know how much I can count on these built-in ones. OK, all the installations have already passed, God, how difficult the configuration is 🙂 a hell of a lot of menus and submenus. The links to other menus are also confusing, at one point I wonder if I see a link or just text, a few black dots. So for about an hour of play I managed to overlay the basic software and play a little with Vista. The design is really decent, and the air regime and only praised – it is nothing more than a few effects – one color dot for design and a lot for naughty advertising. It's time to say how it is with system resources. Well, then it's a computer 2800+ 64in Sempron , 512MB frame DDR 400 with 80GB hard and Nvidia video 6100 (built into the bottom I also gave 64MB of RAM). On these resources Vista had taken up about 320MB of RAM and did not fall under them whether the air mode is on or not. The CPU is supposed to work around 10% and each time a new program is launched it starts to hold 100% for quite some time. During the installation, the Vista had about 11 GB of hard disk space. In my opinion, this is a lot for an operating system, but on setra and harsvala to enjoy health.
Later that day I came across a 600Mhz Celeron 128SD Ram and some video built-in Intel, but I don't remember what exactly for the reinstallation. And I started to simplify it with XP. With a few tricks I made XP go really well without sinking and most importantly the action was preserved quickly. I managed to push his hard disk space below 900MB, the frame used it around 80 MB and the processor I did not see to rise above 85% user. True it looks like 98 but again in this case a better compromise with the vision than with the machine. At one point the two machines behaved in the same way 🙂 only with the difference that one is several tens of times supposedly better than the other.
Instead of a conclusion I will say:

  • If you are a beginner, do not start the installation yourself (let someone who knows sweat)
  • If you have less than 1GB of RAM, there is no point in installing Vista unless you want to play only of solitaire
  • If, after all, nothing has convinced you in my words so far – shake your head!
  • Something lately I'm in such an abe little no mood. Even the euphoria from the stimulating salary increase does not last long (yesterday). Euphoria because it is much earlier than expected, and the boss said that so far she has not raised anyone's salary so quickly. What makes me happy obviously appreciates my work, and I struggle a lot. It's generally easy to get scared when you like your job. R nNow I'm trying to write some PHP functions for working with Bernie, because I have a task to embed a banner system in a site, but I suffer from a total lack of inspiration and creative thinking. At such moments I can barely write functions and wrap myself in 100-line code.

    I think I've had some form of summer depression or permanent fatigue. I'm stuck working in the office, then work at home and finally sleep and so on every day… hmmm i'm thinking of taking a weekend off somewhere in the mountains to smoke my head.

    We got together tonight to play. We have an improvised studio and we gather in it from time to time and play. The studio itself is located on the border between the town and the gypsy neighborhood. I am his visitor already 4 years and I have never had any problems, and so. We have gathered to play again, and everything is going well, we play some cool rock songs Floyd, Purple. Birim si 🙂 . And to 23 hours of darkness I shout let's pour a brandy to pull it and go, that I'm at work tomorrow (again). And here comes one of our boys, shouts one of us who is fighting. We go out the whole group, we had gathered to 10 man, and we watch our man fight with a fat greasy gypsy, and blood flowed from his mouth. Later I understood, that this is the father of the bully, and he was sitting on a bench trying to stay on his feet and come and fight one of us again. In the meantime, it became clear, that he also has a severed arm (I thought our boy had done a good job). In general, he barely separated the two from a new fight. When we returned to the studio, we already saw our man with a pood mouth and half-knocked teeth. It became clear, that the brazier hit him completely without a reason while he was sitting outside smoking a cigarette. Apparently he doesn't like rock music, or just alcohol was more than his blood (maybe second). We decided to call the police to come and help in the case if we are not guilty ;). I can only applaud the police for their speedy arrival in less than 5 minutes had arrived. But in general, this ended their good performance. They took data from us, one of the boys will even be a witness. During this time, the police went to talk to the gypsies and at one point he started making a lot of noise. We listened (heheh at least that curiosity) and one gypsy arranged the poppies and fathers on the hooks, he was pounding menacingly with a trumpet, and the policemen sat and rejoiced. I beat them that they tried to get away with peaceful means 20 minutes of peaceful means in such an environment, I'm sorry, but they really acted a little like pussies. They have done it to us more than once (those long-haired broom 😉 addiction) shares with requests from bushes, enclosures with patrols only for one ID cards and in this case… only after 20 they took it with her for a minute. We meanwhile with a much reduced composition, because some of us were not adults, they left, we decided to leave before a curb appeared on the ground with them. So I generally went home to 23:59 lol even before 00:00 I overfulfilled my plan. And if you tell me it doesn't look like American 3rd Division action?

    Today I had to face the half-seated child of M $ Windows Vista(Glista as I say fondly). I don't think he can think of more than Uncle Bill and company. True, this was my first serious contact with Vista, but I'm not a lamer either. The user interface supposedly user friendly is very complicated. While navigating the new environment it took me about 15 min then to set up the internet connection as much more (fortunately he left). Otherwise, people tried to make a beautiful operating system, but maybe that's all. Separately, the laptop I was working on turned off without absolute warning while I was working. His battery really dropped, but he can at least tell me 😉 . His mother finally had another setup to do, but something was wrong and I fucked her. I'm thinking of putting a worm house(to my sister on the computer), to defeat her a little, after all, I have to be ahead of the customers. My personal advice is do not put Vista if you do not absolutely need, the laptop I was working on was some kind of pentium – dual-core, sigurno with gigabyte frames, I did not look at the parameters, It was a brand of iron Toshiba, it worked like my computer with a 700MHz processor. I don't see who is given so much resources just to enjoy some funny air modes that are not so good. I will put a link to my laptop later, which is well below the requirements of Vista, with Beryl plugin to inspire beauty and performance

    This is my first post. The original idea was to make a website, however, due to any lack of ideas and free time, I have currently frozen the project, so I decided to do something useful 🙂 to fashion use the domain and hosting. For now, I plan to modify (more or less depends) blog system that I use and subsequently be something more enjoyable. In the future I think to restore the work on the old project – hours for “the kids” (this is something complicated to explain) and I would enjoy the help or the idea of ​​some.